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Arch 330 - Architectural Design-2

مقرر 330 عمر تصميم معماري - 2

The course aims at relating the building to its surrounding natural and man-made environment. This is achieved by a through investigation of the sites impact on the evolving design, and the study of the various environmental elements on the architectural form and its internal spaces. The course addresses the philosophy behind the conceptual design ideas, as well as the development of the students' presentation skills. The course proceeds through the following stages:

  • A study of projects of administrative or religious facilities.
  • At least two or three projects.
  • Two sketch designs on specific design problems.
  • Students are encouraged to use manual drafting and rendering techniques.



Goals Brief:
The development of the student to study and the formation of multi-functional designs with a focus on environmental factors affecting natural and their relationship.

Application targets to be:
Two projects were selected for testing in addition to the sketch design, as follows:

1- Sketch Design:
Sketch design for a day is sufficient design Café in the main corridor between the Collage of agriculture, architecture and planning. The student show of cadastral indestructible then proposed a design idea and linking Modular adequate system for the main.

2 - The first project:
The draft design of a small building for four and a half weeks. The student developed the idea design of the building and then study the coherence of the shape and the architectural movement, and the relationship of the blanks external environment and internal coordination site.

3-second project:
The draft design for building a great average of nine weeks in the idea depends on the design of environmental treatments internal and external spaces in the warm dry climate of the city of Riyadh, taking account of the flexibility in the design of spaces and ease of movement and handling of the site and coordinate the use of building materials appropriate for the type of climate.

Grading Criteria:

Final grade of each student will be determined according to the following criteria:

Rate of attendance


Sketch design


First Projects


Second Project


 Note: student whose absentees from the course (lectures and exercises), exceed 25% will not be allowed to sit for the final examinations

Text Book and References:

1-     1- Architecture standard and reference

2-     2- standard reference books and specialized architectural direct relationship with the project given by professors

3-    3-  Architecture Journals modern architectural periodicals (Arca ARCA), Domoz (D), architectural design (AD.), Japan Architecture (JA.), the technical architecture (TA), Architecture today (AA)

4- books on (local architecture and heritage buildings, buildings of traditional architecture)


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