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Building Construction for civil Engineer



Course Code and Number

Arch  239

Course Title

Building Construction for civil Engineer

Credit Hours



ARCH 333

Contact Hours

2+2 Studio

Course level



Course Objectives and Skills to be developed


1. Introduce the secondary building elements and the principles of its design.

2. Exercise the assessment and testing of the appropriate building construction system.

3. Select environmentally sustainable building elements.

Course Description


Secondary elements and components of buildings, their properties; the materials used and assembly and fixing procedures. Types of surface finish, thermal insulation, damp-proofing, and rainwater drainage. External facing and cladding with stone, precast-concrete panels, and types of curtain walls. Types and properties of partitions, ceilings, and types of floor finish. Openings, doors and windows, types, functional requirements and assembly details.

Instruction Methods and Techniques Used





Multi-media and interactive presentations

Group work


Field and Experimental Course work

Students participations

Computer Applications and Programming

Presentations by students


Site visits, projects, construction sites and professional offices

Preparation of Research work, brief / extended

Knowledge and Skills to be acquired


Knowledge and understanding of subject

Team work abilities


Ability to apply acquired knowledge on similar cases

Positive participation and self expression

Thinking, Critical / Creative


Preparation of Field Reports

Ability to Analyze and study


Ability to locate resources and information

Professional work : Professional Practice and Ethics

Research abilities; Preparation and presentation

Text Books and References

1. Allen, E., Fundamental of Building Construction , Materials and Methods (3rd) , John wiley & Son. (1999)

2. Blanc A., Mitchell’s Internal Components , Longman Scientific. (1994)

3. Taylor, H., Pre-cast Cladding, Edward Arnoid. (1992)

4. Watson, D., Time saver standards for Building Materials systems Mc Graw Hill . (2000)




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