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King Saud University                                                            

College of Architecture & Planning                                  

Department of Architecture & Building Sciences 


Basic Design – 2 

Course Code and Number

Arch  140

Course Title

Basic Design - 2

Credit Hours



 Arch 130

Contact Hours

2 + 2 Studio

Course level


 Course Objectives and Skills to be developed 

Introducing concepts and principles of 3-D basic design and model making, using conventional and technological means available.

Course Description

Course comprises two parts : 3-D basic design; and model making as follows :

-          3-D basic design : introducing principles of 3-D basic design commonly used by architects and planners, in the form of studio training, such as levels, grids, prisms and cylinders, repetition, multi-level shapes, triangular levels, linear frames plannar frames, and link lines.

-          Model making : studying model preparation consisting model base, model shaping and presentation, using 2-D and 3-D drawings.


Instruction Methods and Techniques Used 




Multi-media and interactive presentations

Group work


Field and Experimental Course work


Students participations

Computer Applications and Programming

Presentations by students

Site visits, projects, construction sites and professional offices

Preparation of Research work, brief / extended

 Knowledge and Skills to be acquired


Knowledge and understanding of subject

Team work abilities


Ability to apply acquired knowledge on similar cases

Positive participation and self expression


Thinking, Critical / Creative

Preparation of Field Reports


Ability to Analyze and study

Ability to locate resources and information

Professional work : Professional Practice and Ethics

Research abilities; Preparation and presentation

 Text Books and References

1- Wong Wucius, Principles of Three Dimensional Design, Van Nostrand Reinhold Co., NY, 1977.

2- Peter, Tom and Sue Goodmen, Manual of Graphic Techniques, Charkes Scribner's sons, New York,


3-  Solid Works 99, User's Guide and tutorial Manual.




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