Curriculum Vitae


Firstly: General Information

Name: Fahad Abdulaziz Sulaiman Abanmy

Work: Associatet Professor at Teachers College, King Saud University.

Head of Curriculum and Instruction

Secondly: Academic Qualification

- Holder of Bachelor of Islamic Studies from Islamic Culture Department

(Jurisprudence and its fundamentals) College of Education King Saud University in  1408 H (1988).

- Holder of Master Degree from Curricula and Teaching methodologies Department,College of Education, King Saud University in 1415 H (1995), thesis entitled main religious studies teaching problem at the intermediate stage from teachers and inspectors point of view.

- Holder of Directorate of Philosophy from Curricula and Teaching methodologies ,

College of Education , King Saud University 1428 H (2008) , thesis entitled " the impact of teaching Holy Koran Syllabus teaching methodologies with using system approach directions towards the same , their teaching performance at Teachers College in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

Thirdly: Practical Experiences:

- Worked as a teacher for religious studies at public education stages from 1409 1416 H (1989-1996).

- Worked as a lecturer at Curricula and Teaching Methodologies Department Teachers College in Dammam during the period from 1416/1428 H (1996-2008).

- Worked as assistant professor at Curricula and Teaching Methodologies Department in Riyadh since 28/11/1428 up to present.

- Works associate professor at Curricula and Teaching Methodologies Department in Riyadh since 7/2/1433  up to present.

- Worked as media consultant at His Highness Ministry of Education's Deputy Minister for Girls Education 1427 /1428(2007/2008).

- Worked as a head of Field Education Unit Curricula and Teaching Methodologies Department.

Fourthly : Committees membership

- Member , Saudi Society for Educational and Psychological Sciences

( Jesten ).

- Member Egyptian Society Curricula

- Member , Curricula Development Committee

- Member , Educational Media Development Committee at Girls Education

- Member ,Field Education Program Development Committee

Fifthly: Experiences:

- Participated in submission work papers and educational articles.

- Contributed in setting out field educational program at Teacher College in Dammam.

- Holy Quran Teaching Methodologies (435 Cur) at Teachers College in Riyadh.

- Participated in several educational seminars including:

o Field education seminar between the reality and hope, held din King

Saud University in Riyadh 1422 H (2002).

o Field Education Seminar, held at Teachers College in Riyadh in 1419H (1999).

o Participated in several lecturers and educational training courses in

collaboration with community service center

o Participated in defence process of several masters and PhD

researches at Kingdom Universities.

o Writing several academic researches.