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 Principles and Applications of Information Security



In the Name of Allah most merciful most gracious


 King Saud University

College of Arts

Department of Library and Information Sciences



Course Descriptions


Principles and Applications of Information Security LIBR 459

Three hour Credit

Previous Course Required: LIBR 372 Computer Application In Information Organization 

Level Seven

Professor Abdulwahab M. Abalkhail




*To learn methods and tools of Information Security, and ways of protecting hardware and software, and Maintain Information privacy.


*To build background regarding ways of maintain and control Information.



*Importance of Information

*Information Threaten

*Information Security Concepts

*Communication Security Concepts

*Information Process Concepts

*Staff Security Concepts

*Information input and output Control

*Emergency plans


Course Teaching methods

Lectures, Readings, Discussing, Reports, and practical research


100% mark

40 for class works

60 for final Exam




 Course Requirement and Assignment



 Activity & Assignment

 1) Search for subject related to information security and right a paper, and be ready for presentation.

2) Search in the internet for Virus and Antivirus, and prepare report…

3) prepare yourself to give next Lecture






Non-class projects



 For presence and coming on time



 Will be announced later on


 First Exam

 As scheduled


 Final Exam

 Final mark for student efforts






  Lectures By Weeks


Lecture Subjects

First and Second

  Information Age Security


Materials Security


Computer Viruses

Fifth and Sixth

Information Security Systems

Seventh and Eighth

Databases Security

Seventh and Eighth

Information Transfer Networks Security

Seventh and Eighth

Internet & Intranet Networks Security

Ninth and Tenth

Fire Walls


First Exam

Twelve and Thirteen

Coding and Digital Signature

Fourteen and Fifteen

Subjects Discussing & Students Presentation   


المراجع الرئيسية المطلوبة Main References (In Arabic)

1-    داود، حسين طاهر. الحاسب وأمن المعلومات. الرياض: معهد الإدارة العامة، 1421هـ.

2-    داود، حسين طاهر. أمن شبكات المعلومات. الرياض: معهد الإدارة العامة، 1425هـ.



Arabic and English Readings

1-  بيكر هال. سرية وكمال المعلومات: مواجهة انتهاك سرية المعلومات في مراكز الحاسبات الإلكترونية. ترجمة عبدالفتاح الشاعر. الكويت دار البحوث العلمية، 1986م.

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4- Chaney, M. & A. MacDougall, eds. Security and Crime Prevention in Libraries. Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishing, 1992.

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6- Shuman, B. Library Security and Safety Handbook. Chicago, IL: American Library Association, 1999.



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