CSC 212 Syllabus

Data Structures

Credit hours: 3

Prerequisites: CSC 113


Goals of the course:  To introduce the concepts of abstract data type (ADT), various important data structures and modeling of real life problems using the concept of the ADT.


Recommended Text books:

1.     M.A. Weiss, Data Structures and Problem Solving Using C++, 2/e, Addison-Wesley.

2.    D.F. Stubbs and N.W. Webre, Data Structures with Abstract Data Types and Pascal, 2/e, Brooks/Cole Publishing Company, 1989.


Schedule (tentative): Review: C++ Containers implemented using arrays (static & dynamic) and linked list. Recursion. Big-O, The ADT: stacks, queues, lists (linked + sequential); priority queues, rings. Hashing. Trees: binary tree (BT); binary search tree (BST); AVL and B-trees. Heaps. Sorting. Introduction to graphs.


Evaluation: Attendance = 5pt; Project + Quizzes = 20pt; Midterm-I = 15pt; Midterm-II = 20pt; Final = 40pt.


Below are sample exams when I last taught this course.



CSC212_Midterm_II_Spring05.pdfCSC212_Midterm_II_Spring05عقيل محمد مصطفى عبدالرحمن العظ
CSC212_Final_Spring05.pdfCSC212_Final_Spring05عقيل محمد مصطفى عبدالرحمن العظ
CSC212_Midterm_I_Spring05.pdfCSC212_Midterm_I_Spring05عقيل محمد مصطفى عبدالرحمن العظ