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461 referances

  Resources used

          Official Books approved by the department"

               1.   Shargel and Yu. Pharmacokinetics.

      2.  Hisham Abou-Auda. Pharmacokinetics.

     Study questions

1.       Numerical Problems similar to those in the second book

2.       True and False questions. An example of these questions is as follows:

Drug “A” gives rise to twice the area under the curve as compared with that produced by drug “B” when both are given orally in equal doses. This implies that .

3.       Multiple choice questions (MCQ) such as:

Which of the following dosage adjustments will increase the steady-state concentration?


a.   Increasing the dose but keeping the same dosing interval.

b.   Keeping the same dose but decreasing the dosing interval.

c.   Keeping the same dose but increasing the dosing interval.

d.   a and b


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