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Assessment of Nutritional Status (372  FSN)


Course Description

Introduction to nutritional assessment – Anthropometric methods – Biochemical methods – Clinical methods - dietary intake methods –assessment of body composition – assessment of vitamins status – assessment of minerals status – assessment of macronutrients status.



  • To understand the methods and techniques used to evaluate the nutritional status of individuals and groups.
  • To gain practical experience in using and evaluating results from dietary, anthropometric and biochemical techniques used to assess nutritional status.

Materials (Recommended)

Lee RD and Nieman DC. Nutritional Assessment, 3rd edition, 2003. McGraw-Hill. New York.

Lab Schedule (Tentative)

Week #


Week 1


Week 2

24 Hour Recall

Week 3

Food Frequency

Week 4

Growth Assessment

Week 5

Anthropometric Assessment

Week 6

Anthropometric Assessment

Week 7

Biochemical Assessment : Glucose

Week 8

Biochemical Assessment: Triglyceride

Week 9

Biochemical Assessment: Cholesterol

Week 10

Biochemical Assessment: Albumin

Week 11

Biochemical Assessment: Ceriatnen

Week 12

Biochemical Assessment


Lab:  (30%)


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