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King Saud University                                   336 PHL                                                Serial NO. -----

Nursing college                                                                                     

Second midterm                                                                                         

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Part one: (5)

Select the best answer of each statement:

1) Cholinergic receptors are subdivided into:

a)      Muscarinic and nicotinic receptors.

b)      Muscarinic and adrenergic receptors.

c)      α and β receptors.

d)      All of the above.

2) All the statements are true about dopamine EXCEPT:

a)      It is an important neurotransmitter in the CNS.

b)      It causes negative inotropic effect on the myocardium. .

c)      It increases systolic pressure.

d)      It is used in the treatment of chronic congestive heart failure.

3) About propranolol, all the statements are wrong EXCEPT:

a)      It increases the heart rate.

b)      It is a β- adrenergic blocking agent. .

c)      Used as a bronchodilator.

d)      It is a selective β1 receptor antagonist. .

4) Which neuromuscular blocking agent causes bronchospasm?

a)      Succinylcholine.

b)      Tubocurarine. .

c)      Gallamine.

d)      Decamethonium.

5) The depolarizing agents can cause the following effects EXCEPT:

a)      The fasciculation which can cause muscle pain.

b)      Increasing of intraocular pressure.

c)      Tachycardia. .

d)      Increased bronchial secretion.



Part two: (5)

Put (T) on the true statements, and (F) on the false statements:

1)      The sympathetic nervous system is predominant on fight and flight. ( T )

2)      The bronchodilators are primarily β1 – agonists have a relaxing effect on bronchial smooth muscle. ( F )

3)      Metaprotrenol is a drug used for treatment hypotension. (F )

4)      The neuromuscular blocking agents are contra- indicated in case of endotracheal intubation. ( F )

5)      Acetylcholine produces a negative chronotropic. ( T )

Part three: (8)

Match column A with column B:




a)    Pilocarpine


1.    Is effective for prophylaxes of motion sickness.

b)   Physostigmine


2.    Is a competitive blocking agent with acetylcholine receptor at the muscle end-plate.

c)    Tubocurarine


3.    Must be used with caution in asthmatics

d)   Atropine


4.    Is the antidote in atropine poisoning.

e)   Propranolol


5.    Is used in the treatment of cardiogenic and septic shock.

f)     Dopamine


6.    Is used for treatment of glaucoma.

g)    Decamethonium




Part five: (4)

Write short note about the following:

1)      Adverse effects of sympathomimetics.

2)      Therapeutic uses of propranolol.




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