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ZOO 106


First week

-         The microscope and its use .

-         cell structure (Prokaryots: Bacteria, Eukaryotes: animal and plants), type of eukaryotic animal cell.                   

Second week

-         Connective Tissue : Areolar connective tissue, hyaline cartilage.

-          Nervous tissue : Neurons , spinal cord ).

 Third week

-         Muscular Tissue :

Striated, cardiac and smooth muscles .

Fourth week

-         Blood vessels .

-         Kidney .

Fifth week

-         The digestive system :

 Oesophagus & stomach .

Sixth week

-         liver .

-         testis .

Seventh week

-         Cell division :

 mitosis & meiosis .

Eighth week

- Revision

Ninth week

- First Final exam .                                                                                    

Tenth week                                                       

-         The rat :

-         external feature .

-          general viscera .

-          endocrine system . 

Eleventh week                                

-         The rat :

-         urogenital system .

-          nervous system .                                          

Twelfth week                                       

-         Human genetics :

-          blood groups .

-         other human traits .

-         revision .              

Thirteenth week              

 Second Final exam .



 106 ZOO first exam

liver portal area.jpgliver portal areaامال عوض محمد الحربى
liver.jpgliverامال عوض محمد الحربى
TESTIS.jpgTESTISامال عوض محمد الحربى
TESTIS 1.jpgTESTIS 1امال عوض محمد الحربى
Renal Corpuscle 3.jpgRenal Corpuscle 3امال عوض محمد الحربى
Renal Corpuscle 4.jpgRenal Corpuscle 4امال عوض محمد الحربى
Renal Corpuscle 2.jpgRenal Corpuscle 2امال عوض محمد الحربى
medullary rays.jpgmedullary raysامال عوض محمد الحربى
L.S of kidney.jpgL.S of kidneyامال عوض محمد الحربى
cardiac muscle.gifcardiac muscleامال عوض محمد الحربى
artery layres 1.jpgartery layres 1امال عوض محمد الحربى
Vein.jpgVeinامال عوض محمد الحربى
artery layres.jpgartery layresامال عوض محمد الحربى
artery and vein 1.jpgartery and vein 1امال عوض محمد الحربى
artery and vein.jpgartery and veinامال عوض محمد الحربى
artery 2.jpgartery 2امال عوض محمد الحربى
artery 1.jpgartery 1امال عوض محمد الحربى
artery.jpgarteryامال عوض محمد الحربى
T.S of skeletal muscle 1.jpgT.S of skeletal muscle 1امال عوض محمد الحربى
T.S of skeletal muscle.jpgT.S of skeletal muscleامال عوض محمد الحربى
vein layres.jpgvein layresامال عوض محمد الحربى
smooth muscle.gifsmooth muscleامال عوض محمد الحربى
skeletal muscle T.S.jpgskeletal muscle T.Sامال عوض محمد الحربى
skeletal muscle cut in longitudinal section.jpgskeletal muscle cut in longitudinal sectionامال عوض محمد الحربى
Spinal Cord -grey AND white matter.jpgSpinal Cord -grey AND white matterامال عوض محمد الحربى
skeletal muscle.jpgskeletal muscleامال عوض محمد الحربى
spinal cord-grey matter.jpgspinal cord-grey matterامال عوض محمد الحربى
Spinal Cord 1.gifSpinal Cord 1امال عوض محمد الحربى
Spinal Cord.jpgSpinal Cordامال عوض محمد الحربى
hyaline cartilage 2.jpghyaline cartilage 2امال عوض محمد الحربى
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