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Picture Size
mouse stem cells500 x 381
Neuronal morphology of a neuronal stem cell differentiated in vitro by inhibition of GSK3ß Source Martin H Maurer257 x 270
ES neurons400 x 237
ES - neurons1315 x 1033
embryonic stem cells culture602 x 732
mouseESneuron1300 x 240
embryo injected320 x 240
300px-Human_embryonic_stem_cell_colony_phase300 x 262
the promise of stem cell research373 x 293
Hematopoietic and Stromal stem cell differentiation320 x 240
An embryoid body, a globular cell cluster that the researchers cultured from mouse embryonic stem cells600 x 570
An embryoid body (or aggregate) of stem cells400 x 287
Mouse embryonic stem cells stained with a fluorescent green marker600 x 507
Colonies of mouse embryonic stem cells400 x 300
Mouse embryonic stem cells derived from the inner mass of the blastocyst247 x 269
mES cell (Scanning electron microscope)200 x 200
Immunosurgery zonafree blastocyst600 x 444
removal-of-a-single-cell_thumb111 x 200
Human-blastocyst500 x 437
human blastocyst1250 x 250
An ES cell colony derived from one explanted blastocyst851 x 787
hatched blastocyst in human320 x 240
hatched blastocyst in mouse110 x 138
8_cell_human_embryo100 x 87
mouse preimplantation embryos320 x 240
human preimplantation embryos320 x 240
differentiation of human tissue320 x 240
colony of undifferentiated human embryonic stems cells[1]250 x 178
a colony of undifferentiated human embryonic stem cells320 x 240
hatched blastocyst320 x 240
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