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EE 418: Introduction to VHDL 

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HW_1 due to 26/4/1430 H

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Goals:   Provide students with an understanding and hands-on training of and experience with the design of VLSI circuits, particularly in MOS technology.

Objectives:    To learn practically the techniques and advanced EDA tools for the design of Combinational and sequential VLSI circuits including ASIC.


1.  Yalamanchili, “Introductory VHDL”, Prentice Hall, 2001

 2.  Uyemura, “Physical Design of Integrated Circuits using L - EditTM”, PWS Pub. Co, 1995.


Co-requisite: EE 417 - VLSI Circuit Design



·         Low level and high level design and implementation of digital circuits targeted to FPGAs

·         Design entry using schematic editor, functional simulation

·         Design entry using VHDL editor

·         VHDL Synthesis

·         Functional simulation

·         Compilation of design

·         Design verification and study of reports. 

·         CMOS inverter layout (Step by step process)

·         Layout design of digital circuits using layout tools

·         Lab. Project






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