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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة


 د. أشرف محمود الفرج

 Personal Info

Date of birth: September 15th, 1982

Nationality: French & Lebanese

Status: Married, 2 child


 Principal Investigator in the following on-going projects:


NPST 11-MED1773:

Novel Multimodality Imaging and Diagnosis of Chronic Respiratory Diseases Using Bone Marrow Derived Macrophages

1,844,500 SR


NPST 12-MED2535:

Multifunctional Targeted Nanocarriers for Breast Cancer Stem Cells: Ultrasensitive Noninvasive Imaging for Better and Earlier Diagnosis

1,865,000 SR


NPST 12-MED2536:

Novel nanocarriers for the direct and efficient delivery of blocking antibodies to asthmatic lungs: noninvasive tracking using MRI

1,858,000 SR


KACST - A-L-10-0212:

Novel nanocarriers for early cancer imaging and therapy: noninvasive tracking using MRI

1,464,000 SR



  • MRI PharmaScan 4.7 T from Bruker

  • IVIS Lumina II from PerkinElmer

  • ICP-MS Aurora M90 from Bruker

  • Zetasizer analyzer SZ90 from Malvern

  • Micro-ESR/EPR from Active Spectrum

  • Advanced Cell Culture facilities

  • Ultrapure water purification system

  • ... and lot of other research equipment


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