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Najd 182


Course title

Vocabulary II (Level Two)



Vocabulary I


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English vocabulary in Use: Upper- Intermediate.

By M. McCarthy and F. O’Dell.

Chapters to be covered

8 to 10

Supplementary materials will be provided regularly

Detailed Syllabus:


What to be Covered


July 14th

Units 8, 9, 10: Revision: Suffixes; Prefixes; Roots.


July 15th

Units 12, 13, 14: Revision: Compound

adjectives; Compound nouns1; Compound



July 21st

Units 15, 17: Words from other languages;

New words in English.


July 22nd

Units 18, 19, 20: Words commonly mispronounced; onomatopoeic words; Homonyms.


July 28th

Units 21, 22: Time; Condition


July 29th

Units 23, 24: Cause, reason, purpose and result; Concession and contrast


August 4th

First Midterm Exam


August 5th

Units 29, 30: Uncountable nouns; Words that occur only in the plural


August 11th

Units 31, 32, 33: Countable and uncountable nouns with different meanings; Collective nouns; Making uncountable nouns countable


August 12th

Units 78, 79: Idioms and fixed expressions; Everyday expressions.


August 18th

Units 80, 81, 82: Similes; Binominals; Idioms describing people


August 19th

Second Midterm Exam


August 25th

Units 83, 84, 85: Idioms describing feelings or mood; Idioms describing problematic situations; Idioms connected with praise and criticism


August 26th

Units 87, 88: Miscellaneous idioms; Proverbs

Units 91, 92: Expressions with get; Expressions with set and put.


August 31st


Final Exams Begin!!

Content and Objectives

Vocabulary Two builds on the Vocabulary I course. It draws attention to words that are commonly mispronounced, some common words and expressions that have entered the English language, and some frequent metaphors, similes, idiomatic expressions, and proverbs. The course includes common functions and notions. It draws attention to degrees of formality in language use. The course aims at improving students’ pronunciation of sounds and words in English. It also seeks to enrich their vocabulary and make them appreciate better and use efficiently idiomatic expressions and figurative language. Furthermore, the course seeks to make up for the little focus in the syllabus on the morphology of English.

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