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                                                                  Personal Information

                                                                                                      NAME:ABDULAZIZ A.AL-FAYEZ


                                                              ADREES:P.O.BOX 58529 RIYADH 11515

                                                                                        MOBILE  0555299670



                                                                                                          HIGH SCHOOL (SCENCE) 2002

                                                BACHOLAR OF EDUKATIONAL  CAMPUTER SCEINCE,RIYADH

                                                     Practical Experience

• More than 420 hours of training in the areas of  (language English, computing, self-development)

 Attending  and participating a workshop entitled to education reform in the Arab countries - Saudi Arabia - a model in the period   11-13/10/2009.
Attending in the activities of the First International Conference for Entrepreneurship in the period   25-26/10/2009 .
Attendance at the first scientific conference for students and students of higher education in the period  1-4/ 3 /2010 .
• Attendance at events Tandop first in the application of Information and Communication Technologies in education and training in the period  12-14/4/2010
• Training a group of teachers from the Ministry of Education in Office programs .

• Participation in more than a summer club for period of 4 years.

• Staff in the private Education and the government Education for a period of 3 years.


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