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The relationship among eighth-grade students' creativity, attitudes, school grade and their achievements in mathematics in Saudi Arabia
by Alrwais, Abdulaziz M., Ph.D., Ohio University, 2000, 175 pages; AAT 9985827
Abstract (Summary)
This study aimed at examining the relationship among the factors students' attitude toward learning mathematics, students' mathematical creativity and students' school grades had on achievement in mathematics in eighth grade in boys' public schools in the Riyadh district in Saudi Arabia. The study also sought to order these three factors regarding to their levels as to predict the achievement in mathematics.
Three instruments were distributed to 300 students in Riyadh District; 254 students completed the three instruments and their record was available for their grade in mathematics in the first semester of school year 1999-2000.
Descriptive statistics was used to identify the most important characteristics of both dependent and independent variables. Inter-method of the multiple regression models was used to examine the four hypotheses in terms of interpreting the students' achievement in mathematics.
The findings also indicated that the combination between these three independent variables could explain approximately 58% of the mathematics achievement. It was showed that the best predictor was the students' attitude toward learning mathematics; the second predictor was students' mathematical creativity, and finally the least predictor was students' school grades. Besides, the main result of this study was that the mean of the students' achievement in mathematics on standardized test was very low 37%.
The main recommendation was for educators and teachers to give students' attitude and mathematical creativity more attention in their teaching and learning strategies. The Saudi Ministry of Education should develop standardized and proficiency tests and practices in schools. This study emphasized the need for further investigation of the effectiveness of other factors on the mathematics achievement in Saudi Arabia.
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