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my College


Our Mission

The mission of the Nursing College at King Saud University is to provide students with educational programs that focus on the quality   of teaching and learning. The College will provide the students with the opportunities and proper guidance to enable them to acquire the essential knowledge and skills to become qualified nurses. The College of  Nursing also aims at enabling the graduates to face the challenges during the practice of nursing profession in all settings, through the use of critical thinking abilities and learning that evidenced-based within the context of Islamic principles.

Our Vision 



In response to the major changes that had occurred in the health care delivery system in Saudi Arabia, college of Nursing endeavors to be one of the nation’s top nursing programs among other colleges.

    In addition, we actively collaborate with others in developing health    care delivery systems that are responsive to changing health needs of    the  population. We thrive to provide excellent opportunities for    students, faculty, and staff to engage in education, research, service     and practice.

    We develop innovative approaches to achieve quality teaching,    research, service, and practice goals. In addition ,we provide   leadership    to the discipline of professional nursing.

College Objectives

Upon completion of studying in the college, the graduate will be able to:

1.       Demonstrate a beginning leadership role in establishing and influencing management goals.

2.       Utilize research results in evidence-based nursing practice, and identify opportunities for research.

3.       Foster moral, ethical, legal and professional awareness and responsibilities in self and others.

4.       Apply the research process and evidence-based findings to guide nursing practice and improve delivery of health care.

5.       Assume responsibility for continuous growth as an individual, professional, and citizen, including participating as an agent of change in the health care system.

College Departments
           1.   Medical Surgical Nursing 
     2.   Maternal and Child Health Nursing
 3.   Community and Mental Health Nursing
 4.   Nursing Administration and Education







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