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AL-Kathiri Curriculum Vitae


AL- Kathiri Curriculum Vitae





First, Personal Data :


Alwah Mohammed AL-Kathiri



Marital Status;


Language Known :

Arabic & English.

Date OF Birth;


Home Address;

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- Riyadh

Po. Box 361350 Riyadh 11313 Saudi Arabia




King saud university

College of nursing

Riyadh ,Saudi Arabia


Second, Personal Profiles:

I am interested in medical surgical nursing ( critical care ) and

I would like to pursue graduate training in the field with

special emphasis on research and applied aspects of critical

care that will help me in my future endevour

I am an honest, hard working and friendly individual. I am able

to take responsibility for completion of projects within a set

of timeframe, work as a team player and on my own initiative

when required. I am able to work pleasantly with peoples from

various backgrounds.


Third, Qualifications:

1) I got the Bachelor Degree in Nursing with an (B+) grade,

from the King Saud University, College of Nursing in


2) I completed my internship year for (12 months program)

at KFMC king fahad medical city in Riyadh ,in 2008-2009.

Training within the internship program: Involved

rotating in different specialties, which included

1- surgical world 1 month

2- medical world 1 month

3- emergency department 2 weeks

4- OPD 2 weeks

5- Pediatric medicine 2 weeks

6- Pediatric surgical 2 weeks

7- Pediatric oncology 2 weeks

8- Obstetric and Gynacology 6 weeks

9- ER management 2 month

10- Intensive care unit 4 month & 2 weeks

3) I attained several training courses at KFMC:

   A) certificate of completion 16 CME hours of Emergency

nursing update course on 12th – 14th of May 2008

   B) certificate of completion one day of asthma education

course & workshop on 3rd of May 2008


Fourth, Awards:

nominated for the “ideal Student” awarded, nursing college,

King Saud University, in 2007-2008


Fifth, current job :

Teaching Assistant in medical surgical nursing

Sixth, Symposiums & workshop:

I have attended a set of scientific symposium and workshop,

the most important are the following:

1 - first international nursing conference towards

advancing nursing 6th,7th & 8th December 2005 which was held

at king fahad cultural center

2 - The symposium in innovative health care in clinics accredited

by the Saudi council for health specialties (CME 6hrs)

 03 May 2006, security forces hospital program

3 - participation in the international nursing symposium on

day surgery accredited by the Saudi commission for health

specialties (CME 5 hrs) 02 May, 2007 security forces

hospital program

4- advances in maternity nursing symposium (14 CME

hours) on 10th – 11th of September 2007 , Conducted at KFMC

5- international disinfection & sterilization in health care

facilities Symposium (CME 8 hours) 1st – 2nd of April 2008 ,

conducted at KFMC

6- 7th international congress of Saudi society of

hematology ( 9 CME hours) on 19th – 22nd of May 2008,

conducted at KFMC

7- 2nd Saudi stroke nursing symposium (8 CME hours) on

6th – 7th of May 2008, conducted at KFMC

           A) 2nd Saudi stroke nursing symposium; national institutes

of health stroke scale/ code stroke ( 1 CME hours) on 6th – 7th

of May 2008, conducted at KFMC

           B) 2nd Saudi stroke nursing symposium; Dysphasia for

nurses ( 1 CME hours) on 6th – 7th of May 2008, conducted at


            C) 2nd Saudi stroke nursing symposium; pre-hospital

identification & management ( 1 CME hours) on 6th – 7th of

May 2008, conducted at KFMC


Seventh ,my Objectives is ;

- to obtain master degree in medical surgical

nursing (critical care )

- to obtain doctor degree in informatics nursing

- To develop the study of nursing in the Kingdom

- To develop the nursing profession

- Work on the development of information nurses

working in hospitals


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