Course Number: NUR 356

Curse Title       : Critical Care Nursing (1+4)

Pre – Requisite: NUR 245


Course Overview:

The course focuses on adult patient with critical conditions and disorders. It concentrates on nursing assessment, diagnosis and nursing interventions of critically ill patients. Clinical application of theoretical content will include pathophysiology, pharmacology and treatment modalities. Consideration is given to assessment data through technologies available at practice settings.


Course Objectives:

By the end of this course the student should be able to:

Acquire competency in assessing patients and in performing physical examination of patients in critical care units.

Delineate the nursing care interventions according to priorities in the acute management of critically ill patients with different problems.

Apply the nursing process in the delivery of nursing care to patients with critical care problems.

Demonstrate skill in the safe use of critical care equipments and monitors.

Provide nursing interventions in compliance with critical unit policies and protocols.


Course Requirements:

Practicum will take place in critical care settings. Each student will be expected to submit a weekly nursing care plan for different patients in different diagnosis as assigned. A nursing assignment every two weeks concerning a clinical problem will be required from each student.  


 Course Outline:

Introduction to critical care nursing

Psychological impact of critical care units on patients, families and nurses.

Nursing the critically ill patients with cardiac disorders:

Cardiovascular assessment

Post myocardial infarction complication

Cardiogenic shock

Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG)

Nursing the critically ill patients with respiratory disorders:

Respiratory assessment

Arterial blood gases (ABG)

Acute respiratory failure

Mechanical ventilation

Pulmonary embolism

Nursing the critically ill patients with neurological disorders:

Neurological assessment

Increased intracranial pressure (ICP)

Neurologic shock




Semester evaluation

    Assignment & reports           10%

    First exam                             15%

    Second exam                         15%

    Clinical performance            10%

    Professional performance     10%

Final written exam                   40%


Required bibliography:

Dolan I. Critical Care Nursing-Clinical Management through the Nursing Process. Philadelphia: Davis company 1991.

Urden L, Davie J, Thalan L. Essentials of Critical Care Nursing. Washington DC: Liberary of congress catalogue, Mosby 1992.

Patricia G, Dorrie K, Carolyr M. Critical Care Nursing. 8th edition. Philadelphia: Lippincotte.2005 



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Lecture Notes  @


Cardiac catheterization

Endotracheal Suctioning

Endotracheal  Suctioning

Medical-surgical Chicklist

Ng Tube Feeding

ECG interpretation

Chest Tubes Care


Oxygen Therapy


Septic Shock

Pulmonary Artery Line


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