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أسئلة شائعة

MATH 530

Introduction to Discrete Structures

3 hours

Graphs, Subgraphs, Trees, Connectivity, Euler Tours and Hamiltonian Cycles, Ordered Sets, Comparability and Covering Graphs, Dilworth Theorem. Block designs, Latin Squares, finite Geometries, Tournaments, Codes.



MATH 531

Graph Theory

3 hours

Colouring, Planar Graphs, Directed Graphs, Shortest Path Problem, Matching and b-matching, algorithms for Eulerian and Hamiltonian Walks. Independent Sets and Cliques, Graph Factorizations, Graph labellings.



MATH 532

Ordered Sets

3 hours

Fundamental theorems, algorithmic aspects of chains decompositions, cutsets, fibres, algorithmic and structural aspects of linear extensions, fixed points, the diagram, the dimension, the jump number, sorting, linear extensions and probability, Many machine scheduling, order preserving maps, structure and classification.



MATH 533

Mathematical Logic

3 hours

The nature of mathematical logic (Axiom systems, Formal systems, Syntactical variables); First-Order theories (Functions and predicates, Truth functions, First Order languages, Structures, Logical axioms and rules); Theorems in First-Order Theories (the Tautology theorem, the Deduction theorem, the Equivalence and Equality theorems, Prenex form, Godel's Completeness theorem, Löwenheim-Skolem theorem).


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