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       Shatha Abdullah Al-Wabli

Curriculum Vitae

Personal information:

Name             : Shatha Abdullah Al-Wabli  

Date of birth : June 28,1978 

Nationality    : Saudi       

Marital state : Married            

Languages    : Arabic,English and Arabic sign language


         Professional Educatiion / Certification: 

Bachelor of Science Degree(B.S.) in speech language pathology and audiology,King Saud University,Riyadh,Saudi Arabia, granted in February 10,2001

 Present Employment: 

Graduate Assistant,Communication Disorders Division, Special Education Department,College of Education,King Saud University,Riyadh,Saudi Arabia,November 2008 to present                    

 Professional History:                                                     

1.   Worked as an Graduate Assistant in Special Education Department,College of Education,King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, since November 2008 to present

2.   Worked as a speech pathologist and audiologist in (47th) elementary school,Ministry of Education,from 25/7/1428H to 18/11/1429H

3.   Worked as a speech pathologist and audiologist in (246th) elementary school , Ministry of Education, from 28/12/1423H to 5/6/1428H

4.   Worked as a visiting speech pathologist and audiologist in (Al-amal) institute for the deaf and the (74th) elementary school, for two semesters in 1425H/1426H

5.   Worked as a speech pathologist and audiologist in educational  department, Handicapped Children Association in 1423H

6.   Worked as a volunteer Speech pathologist and audiologist in educational department, Handicapped Children Association in 1422H

 Clinical Experience :

1.   One full year of internship as part of the bachelor program( 6 months in speech pathology and 6 months in audiology) done at 3 clinical sites, King Abdulaziz University Hospital,King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center and Military Hospital,Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from 1421H to 1422H, 2001 to 2002

2.   Volunteer work in the Audiology Clinic at King Abdulaziz University Hospital,Riyadh,Saudi Arabia,1423H/2003M

 Activities Within the University :

Chair person of final examination committee

 Educational/Scientific Experiences:

1.Attended the 5th ORL Seminar on "Communication Disorders" held at King Abdulaziz University Hospital in Riyadh,Saudi Arabia , feb 2001

2.Attended the 2nd International Conference on Disability & Rehabilitation, sponsored by Prince Salman Center for Disability  Research and Disabled Children's Association

3.Attended the Arabian Deaf Week, Ministry of Education, 2003, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

4.Attended the "Behavioral Disorders and it's Effect on Disabilities" Workshop, Ministry of Education, 1424H, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

5.Participated in the organization of the 29th "Arabian Deaf Week", Ministry of Education, 1425H/2004M, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

6. Paricipated in "Fluency Disorders (stuttering) " Workshop, Ministry of Education,1429H, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

7.Attended "Arabic Sign Language Workshop", Special Education Department, College of Education, King Saud University

8. Attended " Developing Academic Programs (Divisions) & Preparing it for Academic Accredetation" Workshop, Quality Deanship, King Saud University, 2009,Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

 Teaching Experiences:

    At present, I'm teaching "Speech and Articulation Disorders" and " Physical/Health Handicaps" at the Special Education Department,College of Education, King Saud University

 Activities within the Society:

   Providing Diagnostic & counseling services to some of the families of children with special need & families of normal children   



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