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الزائر الكريم في حالة مطالبتك بكلمة المرور عند فتح أي من الملفات فقط اضغط  علي  الغاء  الأمر وسف يفتح الملف- ونأسف لهذا الخلل الفني في الاعدادات 

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Health is : a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity(WHO 22 July 1946 )

Mustafa Mohammed Mustafa (MSc&PHD of Public Health)

Public Health Physician      


    Objectives of the Epidemiology inspector program:-                  

    This program aims at education and training of epidemiology inspector to work in preventive health sevices ,describe and follow disease patterns ,early detection of infectious diseases,disease outbreaks ,causaitve factors,control methods and health education activities....................................etc

    Preventive Health is the     best   solution

    Head of Public Health Department

    Faculty of applied medical sciences

    - Al Majma ah  Province -

    B.O Box  : 11981- 84

    Tel  : +966 - 6- 4324056

    Fax :  + 9 6 6-6 - 4323310

    Mobile: +966-508256071


    Epid- inspector Job definition

     -Conduct epidemiologic surrveillance activities.

     - Receiving and preperation of vaccines.

    -Conduct infectious disease activities.

     - Environmental activities.

     - Endemic disease control .

     - Health education .

      Freinds and colleagues : Here you will find the most recent published books cocerning health ,just click                     

    The World Health Report
    Annual report with an expert assessment of global health including statistics. Focuses on a particular theme every year.

    International Travel and Health
    Publication on health risks for international travellers, vaccination requirements and precautions to take.

    International Health Regulations
    Latest edition of the public health regulations that are legally binding on WHO Member States.

    The International Classification of Diseases
    The international standard diagnostic classification for epidemiological and health management purposes.

    International Pharmacopoeia
    Collection of quality specifications for pharmaceutical substances and dosage forms, for reference or adaptation by WHO Member States.


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