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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة




Name           :         Hasan Ibrahim Al-Shareef

Nationality   :         Saudi

Date of Birth          :         1959

Identity Card No    :         129869

Issued at               :         Riyadh


Educational Qualfications:

1.       Bachelor from College of education, King Saud university, in 1982..

2.       Master degree major Information media, from information and calling college from Imam University in 1985.



1.       Appointed as scientifical, educational and social supervisor and public relations in Deanship of students affair in king Saudi University at Riyadh in 1985.

          * Setting annual forecasted plan for the year with observing budget items  inclusive some alternative plans upon actual execution.


2.       Appointed as Asst. manager for activities Administration in 1985.

          It is done upon commencing work in head-office in the New University building. The most important responsibilities are supervising execution of sub-plans for university departments and conducting co - ordination between local and abroad Activities.

3.       Sent on amission to Britain for nine month: Course in 1986. 

4.       Worked as  a supervisor for Technical and scientifically Ariel Centers, 1986.

          * Incharge of Deanship Computer Section.

          * Setting Annual plans manpower and finicial requirements.


5.       Assigned to supervise Deanships seminar office, 1408.

          ( Students affairs deans in the Kingdom Universities, in additional to co-ordinating activities and abroad university participations.

6.       Assigned as Finicial and administrative Affairs Asst. Manager at 1410.

7.       Being fully incharge as Executive supervisor, and university                           representative in higher educational Ministry, defense Ministry                             particularly in the concerned refugee committee at Rafja 1991.

8.       Worked as marketing and clients manager in public Administration for           technical affair in Jumaih Company at Riyadh (General motors Agents) 1992. The most important tasks are:

          * Marketing center services to governmental bodies and private    section.

          * Implementing new concept of client reception system.

           * Setting plans of advertisement and promotions to the center   with coordination with General motors at Dubai.

          * Computer Co-ordinator and supervisor of service center operations .                  

9.       Worked as General Manager for technical affairs forseveral times during such period.

10.     Worked as General Manager for Auto - Services center in Al-Jomaih Company since October 1994.

          - Responsiable for all finicial and administrative Affairs for the center.

11.             Incharged as Asst. General Manager for the center since January 1995.

12.             Worked as a Students Computer Club at King Saud University since1996.


* Attending several training courses in Administration Institutes:


1.       Public Relations Staff program in safer 1985.

2.       Training period in Britain (General) 1986.

3.       General Computer program 1987.

4.       Intermediate English language at Diplomatic studies Institute.

5.       Main copol language program -2- 1988.

6.       Systems design and analysis program1989.

7.       Graphics program -LOTUS- 1991.

8.       LAN program, 1991.

9.       Supervision skills development1992.

10.     Service advisors course in General motors, January 1994.

11.             New - Auto - Technology seminar for 1995.

12.             Introduction to Pascal language 1998

13.             Introduction to Access II 1999

14.             Introduction to C programing 1999


** Experiences and Achievements:


1.                 Arab youth camp in Tunisia 1981.

2.                 Third seminar for student's Affair's deans held in King Saudi university          1983.

3.                 Seminar of public activities in King Fahad university for petroleum and 

4.                 minerals 1989..

5.                 Representing the Kingdom in sicentifical centers officials seminar held in G.C.C at Doha in Qatar 1991.

6.                 Worked as a member in educational and institual committee for refugees in Rafha Camp under the supervision of higher education and Ministry of defense.

7.                 Supervision of putting the annual plan for technical and scientifical activity time plan and manpower requirements along with forecasting of expenses.

8.                 Supervision of putting a plan for operation of educational and    scientifical center belonged to Ministry of defense and aviation along       with forecasting the Finicial, human and technical requirements.

9.                 Responsible for communication with related insurance companies based on specifications and standard.

10.             Member of Government committee for scientifically Intelligence under the supervision of public presidency of youth welfare.

11.             Supervising implementation of current comprehension in clients reuption department in Auto services center.

12.             Marketing periodical maintenance services for clients services center.

13.             Supervising implementing advertisement and promotion program for service center with co-operation of regional general motors at Dubai for 1994.

14.             Computer Center Director at Computer College – KSU 2006


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