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List of Publications



1-     Rasha H. Abdel-Ghany, Mohamed N. Zakareia, Salah A. Ghareib and Hanan Hagar: Does lithium modulate the antihypertensive action of captopril in renal hypertensive rats?  Egypt. J. AppL. Sci. 7 (3) : 370-380, 1992.


2-     Mohamed N. Zakareia Rasha H. Abdel-Ghany; Salah A. Ghareib and Hanan Hagar: Effect of lithium, captopril and their combination on blood pressure of normotensive rats:  A contribution to the mechanism of action of lithium on blood pressure. Egypt.  J.  AppL.  Sci. 7 (3): 381-394, 1992.


3-      Hanan H. Hagar, Norishi Ueda, and Sudhir V. Shah: Endonuclease induced DNA damage and cell death in chemical hypoxic injury to LLC-PK1 cells.  Kidney International, 49: 355-361, 1996.


4-      Hanan H. Hagar, Norishi Ueda and Sudhir V. Shah: Tyrosine phosphorylation in DNA damage and cell death in hypoxic injury to LLC- PK1 cells. Kidney International, 51: 1747-1753, 1997.


5-     Hanan H. Hagar, Norishi Ueda and Sudhir V. Shah: Role of reactive oxygen metabolites in DNA damage and cell death in chemical hypoxic injuny to LLC PK cells. American Journal of Physiology, 271: F209-F215, 1996.


6-     Ahmed F. Ahmed, Mohamed N Zakeria, Nabila N. El-Maraghy and Hanan H. Hagar: Role of calcium chelators in DNA damage and cell death induced by chemical hypoxic injury in renal tubular epithelial cells. Under publication.


7-     Hanan H. Hagar, Sahar E. El-Swefey, S. and Atef S. Gharabawy: Protective effect of melatonin against gentamycin- induced oxidative stress and nephrotoxicity. The New Egyptian Journal of Medicine. 19 (5) : 271-278, 1998.


8-     Hoda, E. Mohamed and Hanan H. Hagar: Renal ischemia-reperfusion injury Contribution of nitric oxide and reactive oxygen species. The New Egyptian Journal of Medicine. 20 (3) : 147-154,1999.


9-     Hoda, E.  Mohamed, Sahar  E.El-Swefey, and  Hanan H. Hagar:  The  protective  effect  of  glutathione administration on adriamycin-induced acute cardiac toxicity in rats. Pharmacological Research. 42 (2): 115-121, 2000.


10-            Hanan H. Hagar, Mervat Asskar and Atef S. Gharabawy:  Effect of melatonin on acetaminophen-induced oxidative stress and hepatotoxicity. Zagazig University Medical Journal, 6 (6): 451-466, 2000.


11-           Ebtisam A. Ahmed and Hanan H. Hagar: Endothelial dysfunction in ovariectomized rats: Role of estrogen on nitric oxide and angiotensin converting enzyme. Zagazig University Medical Journal, 6 (7): 177-199, 2000.


12-           Hanan H. Hagar and Azza H. Fahmy: A biochemical, histochemical and ultrastructural evaluation of the effect of dimethoate intoxication on rat pancreas. Toxicology letters, 133 (2-3): 161-170, 2002.


13-      Hanan H. Hagar: Folic acid and vitamin B12 supplementation attenuates   isoprenaline-induced myocardial infarction in experimental hyperhomocysteinemic rats. Pharmacological Research, 46 (3): 213 - 219, 2002.


14-     Azza H. El Medany and Hanan H. Hagar: Effect of fluconazole on the fertility of male rabbits. Arzeneimittel–Forschung / Drug Research, 52 (8): 636-640, 2002.


15-     Afaf M. Maghoub, Azza H. El Medany, Hanan H. Hagar and Dorea M. Sabah : Protective effect of natural honey against acetic acid- induced colitis in rats.  Tropical Gastroenterology, 23: 82- 87, 2002.


16-     Afaf M. Maghoub, Azza H. El Medany, Hanan H. Hagar, Ali A Mustafa and Dorea M. Sabah: Evaluating the prophylactic potential of zafilurkast against the toxic effects of acetic acid on the rat colon. Toxicology Letters 14: 79 – 87, 2003.


17-     Azza H. El Medany, Hanan H. Hagar, Faten A.Zakaria: Cardioprotective effects of ATP sensitive potassium channel opener, nicorandil and the long acting potassium channel opener KRN 4884 in ischemic reperfused isolated rabbit’s heart. Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal, 11 (3): 77 – 86, 2003.


18-     Hanan H. Hagar: The protective effect of taurine against cyclosporine A- induced oxidative stress and hepatotoxicity in rats. Toxicology Letters, 151: 335-343, 2004.


19-     Azza El-Medany , Hanan H Hagar, Mahmoud Moursi, Raeesa A.Muhammed, Fatma El-Rakhawy, Gamila El-Medany. Attenuation of bleomycin– induced lung fibrosis in rats by mesna. Eur J of Pharmacol 9: 61-70, 2005.


20-     Eman El Eter, Hanan H Hagar, Ali Al-Tuwaijiri, Maha Araf. NF-кB inhibition by pyrrolidine dithiocarbamate attenuates gastric ischemia/ reperfusion injury in rats. Can J Physiol Pharmacol  83: 1-10; 2005.


21-     Hanan H Hagar, Eman El Etter, and Maha Arafa. Taurine attenuates hypertension and renal dysfunction induced by cyclosporine in rats. Clinical and Experimental Physiol and Pharmacol 33,189-196, 2006.


22-     Ali Mustafa, Azza El-Medany, Hanan H Hagar, Gamila El-Medany. Ginkgo biloba attenuates mucosal damage in a rat model of ulcerative colitis. Pharmacol Res 53: 324-330, 2006.


23-     Eman El Eter, Hanan H Hagar, Ali Al-Tuwaijiri, Maha Araf. The in vivo and in vitro anti-oxidant activity of ghrelin: Attenuation of gastric ischemic injury in the rat. J Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 2006 1440-1746, 2006.


24-     Hanan H Hagar, Azza El-Medany, Eman El Eter, and Maha Araf. Ameliorative effect of pyrrolidine dithiocarbamate on acetic acid-induced colitis in rats. Eur J of Pharmacol 554: 69-77, 2007.


25-     Hanan H Hagar. Leukotriene receptor blocker, zafirlukast ameliorates lipopolysaccharide- induced multiple organ dysfunction in rats. Under submission.


26-     Hanan H Hagar, Eman ElEter and Raeesa Abd El Tawab. Leukotriene receptor blocker, zafirlukast protects against ischemia/reperfusion injury in rats. Under submission.


27-     Hanan H Hagar. Role of resveratrol in cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity in rats. Under submission.





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