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Course Content for MPHL 231



This course is taught to second year medical students. The course includes the study of the general principles of pharmacology, drugs acting on the autonomic nervous system, cardiovascular system, and endocrine system. MPHL-231 is 4 credit hours. The teaching of this course entails the use of lectures, tutorials and practical sessions every week for a full year 2nd year of College. 


1-                                   General Pharmacology

2-                                   Cholinergics/ Anticholinergics Drugs

3-                                   Skeletal muscle relaxants

4-                                   Adrenergics/ Antiadrenergics Drugs

5-                                   Autocoids

6-                                   Diuretics

7-                                   Drugs in heart failure

8-                                   Antiarrhythmic drugs

9-                                   Antihypertensive drugs

10-                              Antianginal drugs

11-                              Drugs in hyperlipidemia

12-                              Anticoagulants

13-                              Fibrinolytics / Antiplatelet Drugs

14-                              Antianaemic Drugs

15-                              Antidiabetic Drugs

16-                              Corticosteroids

17-                              Thyroid/ Antithyroid Drugs

18-                              Fertility/ antifertility Drugs

19-                              Oxytocics and Uterine relaxants

20-                              Prescription writing


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