Sites for language learners (containing activities, exercises etc)


Dear student,


Because developing your English is my target, I provide you here with a very useful collection of websites through which you can improve your various language skills. Click the links below to view the contents of the websites. Under each link, you will find a short description of what the website is about. If you have any problems in accessing or even understanding some activities or exercises, please feel free to contact me.

Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Students - After answering the questions, you can check your answers provides free business writing tutorials, a grammar guide, games, a school directory and numerous other free resources for students, teachers and training providers.

Business Spotlight is the language magazine for everybody who needs English in their job or studies. It offers news from the world of business and finance, as well as reports on intercultural communication and business skills. Introductions, difficult words and idioms are given in German.

The Virtual English Language Center

This is a comprehensive site that includes a section for teachers and a section for students. It offers teachers an abundant of resources, ranging from teaching ideas, discussion bulletin boards for exchanging ideas and needs, idioms, dictionaries, phrasal verb practice, LIVE pronunciation ONLINE, jobs worldwide (updated DAILY), and much, much more!

Great place to learn and discuss the English language. All our forums are free, and professional teachers regularly wander about helping!

Explore Dokiworld, the first fully animated language learning environment where friendly cartoon characters help you practice your foreign language skills. Itís just like playing a game! Doki is an approved Curriculum Online Product and carries the Europrix seal of quality.

Useful FREE resource site for English Language students and teachers. Resources for students include: pen friend club, 7 level tests, grammar section, translations and so on with interactive pages. Teachers lesson plans, flashcards and lots of useful stuff for the classroom.

Online medical English resources and exercises. The site is sponsored by the European Union and designed to help European professionals work abroad.

Links to General English and Business English resources presented in the form of a 'Hotsheet' and organized into categories.

ESL Desk - FREE resource site for English Language students. Exercises and spelling drills, reading tools, dictionaries and other activities.

English language courses for the busy executive. Lots of free lessons on website. Finance, pharmaceutical, shipping, chemicals, oil and gas, law, power and many more. Books and tapes.

Executive English is a comprehensive, original business English course available on the Internet. Features include fully interactive lessons, immediate feedback and detailed tracking and report cards.

free ENGLISH provides free ESL instruction through a free, downloadable, interactive Internet-based program called ENGLISH PRO Web Edition. ENGLISH PRO is a phonics-based language system that improves pronunciation and reading comprehension.

Online advice and free grammar tips for writers.

GlobalStudy's "English Programs Around the World"

GoUK is an award winning DISCOUNT site for EFL/ESL students in the UK. 5% discount off British Council and ARELS courses at ALL schools in the UK.

My site contains articles with exercises and deals with grammar, listening, speaking, reading, writing, idioms and links. Main focus is on Business English.

The D.E.N. on-line grammar clinic

Interactive Flash exercises for IELTS, EAP, Cambridge and general English. Over 170 grammar, vocab and writing exercises.

Online site to learn English. Take an online English course, play language games, and make friends from around the world!††

PedagoNet. Learning Resource Center

A massive grammar quiz site. Over 200 quizzes and counting.

Self Study Books is an innovative new resource aimed at people who want to improve their English. The objective of the site is to make the learning process fun through the use of interactive tools.

Telephone Training in the classroom using the Atlas Telephone System provides authentic lessons. Conversations are recorded for immediate review and error analysis.

Practise Your Business English (PYBE) will put your students in very realistic business roles--to practise their English conversation in business.

An on-line resource centre for teachers and learners of business English.
The site provides practical ideas and tips as well as business articles, business wordpower activities, business quotations, business idioms and business tests.

A free online diagnostic test

Online language learning resources including: a growing database of exercises (currently 2320); an authoring tool to add your own content to the database; a grammar and everyday language reference section; and an English pronunciation tool.

Volterre-Fr. Language learning resources for learners and teachers of English and French as a foreign language, edited by Linda Thalman. - English free grammar online for all peoples. Who wants to learn English can click our websites.