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Reading -1- Najd 118

Sections: B,C and D

Course Description &


Reading -1-

1st  Semester 2009/2010

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Reading -1- Najd 118

4 Hours weekly


 Interactions 1- Readingmiddle east gold edition

Content & Objectives:

 Reading I is a pre-intermediate course designed to equip students with the necessary reading skills through reading and comprehension of a variety of short passages that are descriptive, expository, and dialogic. Comprehension is stimulated through a variety of questions and exercises, especially those generating the ability to guess meaning of words, main ideas in paragraphs and across paragraphs. Text comprehension is followed by a production activity where students discuss relevant issues and express their opinions. The vocabulary exercises that follow text reading tasks are meant to enrich students’ vocabulary in semantic fields provided by the texts.


 The Reading comprehension course seeks to foster the following skills:

  • Skimming
  • Scanning
  • Intensive reading
  • Extensive reading
  • Varying reading speeds
  • Understanding word meaning by relying on immediate context in the text
  • Understanding word meaning by relying on overall meaning in the text
  • Recognizing main ideas
  • Recognizing supporting details
  • Recognizing topic sentences
  • Making inferences

Note: Attention is given to pronunciation. Students are encouraged to read at home part four in each chapter.


Word pronunciation, vocabulary, sentence structure [S+V (comp)]

Chapters to be covered:


8 to 10 Chapters

Week 1

Orientation + Starting Chapter 1

Week 2

Chapter 1: Academic life around the world

Week 3

Chapter 2: Experiencing nature

Week 4

Chapter 3: Living to eat, or eating to live

Week 5

Chapter 3: Living to eat, or eating to live

Chapter 4: In the community

Week 6

Chapter 4: In the community

Week 7

Chapter 5: Home

Week 8

Chapter 5: Home

Week 9

Chapter 6: Cultures of the world

Week 10

Chapter 7: Health

Week 11

Chapter 8: Entertainment & the Media

Week 12

Chapter 9: Social Life

Week 13

Chapter 9: Social Life

Week 14

Chapter 10: Sports

Week 15

Revision & Closure

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