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نموذج وصف مقرر دراسي


رقم المقرر ورمزه : 241 همك         إسم المقرر: الرسم الهندسي الميكانيكي 

                         باستخدام الحاسب

الوحدات الدراسية: (نظري،تمارين،عملي) :3(2، 0، 2)       المستوى : الرابع


وصف محتويات المقرر :

المساقط المساعدة ؛ السطوح ثنائية الميل وثلاثية الميل ؛ تقاطعات السطوح ؛ إفراد الأجسام الهندسية ، الأرقام المفضلة ؛ التوافقات والتفاوتات ؛ أجزاء الآلات الميكانيكية ؛ الرسم الإنشائي ؛ الرسم التجميعي ؛ أساسيات الرسم الهندسي واستخدام برنامج اوتوكاد .

متطلب سابق :  104 هعم


ME 241 Mechanical Engineering Drawing and Graphics 3(2,0,2)

Course Description

Auxiliary views; Skew and inclined planes; Surface intersections; Developed views; Preferred numbers; Fits and tolerances; Machine components; Structural drawings; Assembly drawings; Fundamentals of computer graphics and the use of AutoCAD computer drafting software.

Credit Hours 3

Prerequisites by Course

GE-104 (Basics of Engineering Drawing)

Prerequisites by Topic

  1. Geometric constructions.
  2. Orthographic and pictorial views.
  3. Sectional views.

Textbook(s)/ Required Material

  1. A Manual of Engineering Drawing Practice, C.H. Simons and E.E. Maguire, Hodder and Stoughton.


  1. Manual of AutoCAD.

Course Topics

  1. Types of sections
  2. Auxiliary Views of inclined and oblique surfaces
  3. Intersections of a plane with solid, intersection of two standard geometric solids at right angles and at an given angle
  4. Development of prisms and cylinders, cones and other shapes.
  5. Machining operations, surface roughness, fits and limits.
  6. Structural drawing- types of steel sections, welding & riveting
  7. Assembly Drawing – screws nuts, bolts, washers and other locking devices, keys, pins, shafts & pulleys, brackets and bearings, springs and gears.

Course Objectives

  1. To familiarize the students with the basics of Mechanical Engineering drawing.
  2. To enable the students understand the elements of 3D visualization.
  3. Introduce students to the techniques of technical graphics so that the design ideas can be communicated and produced.
  4. Introduce students to visual and written standard requirements related to the industry.
  5. Develop the technical skills to produce Engineering drawing using AutoCAD.

Course Outcomes

  1. Students are able to understand the description of Surface Roughness, Surface Finish, Limits and Tolerances.
  2. Learn and familiarize with common drawing notations, such as rivets, welding etc.
  3. Familiarize with development and Intersections of basic geometric models (e.g. Prism, cylinder and cone).
  4. Students will understand requirements and Technical specifications of standard parts.
  5. Students will be able to produce working drawings according to the industry standards.
  6. Students will be able to draw the needed views of assembly drawings showing all the details.
  7. Students will be able to apply technical graphic principles to many engineering applications.
  8. Students can produce working and assembly drawings using AutoCAD.

Class/Laboratory Schedule

One 120-minutes lecture session and one 120-minutes practice/lab session per week.

Computer Applications

AutoCAD Laboratory Class work and Home work to Meeting the Professional Component Interpret and draw Engineering drawings.

Assessment Tools

  1. Class Works
  2. Home Works
  3. Two mid term exams
  4. Final Exam

Grade Distribution



Weight Date

 Class work

15 To Be Determined

 Home Work

15 To Be Determined

 First Exam

15 To Be Determined

 Second Exam

15 To Be Determined

 Final Exam

40 To Be Determined

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