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English 111 

Course Title: Composition 2


Credit hours: 2 hours


Course level: 4th


Course Description:


This course will elaborate on student's knowledge of the paragraph to develop their skills in writing an essay. A student will be able to write a four paragraph essay –consisting of an introduction, three developmental paragraphs and a conclusion. They will learn and practice writing example and compare and contrast essays.


Course objective:


This course aims at familiarizing students with the construction of an essay. It also teaches a student to apply different forms of introductory paragraphs. In this course grammatical rules and basic  composition skills are important.


Covered Topics:


1-    Introduction to an Essay


2-    Practice writing different introductions to an essay





3- Workshop on writing Introductions for two weeks.


4- Introduce Example essay


5-Read essays on example essay from book and news papers.


6-Workshop - practice writing example essays.




7-Introduce compare and contrast essay


8- Read compare and contrast essays.


9-Workshop-on contrast essays.



10- Revise all previous work

Methods of assessment:


1- In term 1 –15 marks

2- In term 2 ---20 marks

3- Participation and quizzes—5 marks

4- Final examination----60 marks.


1-- Recommended Books and Reference Material (Journals,

Refining composition  skills (Rhetoric and grammar) by Smalley,Ruetten,Kozyrev.

5- Other learning material such as computer-based programs/CD, professional standards/regulations

    Read  essays from given websites and newspaper articles




Example questions for essay exam:


Write a four paragraphed essay  18-20 lines consisting of  an introduction, 2 developmental paragraphs an a conclusion.


Example essay:


1- The worst places that I have ever visited

2- The best books.


Compare/ contrast essay


1-Two famous cities/ universities

2-Your educational chances and your grandparents



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