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English 231 

itle: Introduction to poetry


Credit hours: 2 hours


Course level: 4th


Course Description:


This course will elaborate on student's knowledge of the primary knowledge of the poetry genre. It achieves its objective by selecting British and American poems. The periods covered are early to twentieth centuries. The course will introduce students to the basic elements of poetry to develop their ability to analyze poems. It seeks to give students a sufficient grasp of poetry for reading it with appreciative understanding.


Course objective:


This course aims at familiarizing students with American and British poems which represent a variety of poetry. The selection of poems gradually introduces the student to the elements of poetry, putting an emphasis on how and why these elements are used by the poets.


Covered Topics:


1-    Begins with Elements of poetry


      2      Wilfered Owen----- " Dulce et Decorum est"



       3-    Edwin Robinson------Richard Cory


       4-     Robert Frost---------The Road Not Take, Nothing Gold can stay ,Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening



        5-      A.E Housman-----To an Athlete Dying Young



         6-    Shelly---------------Ozymandias




           7-  Langston Hughes----Ballad of Birmingham



           8-   Sylvia Plath----------Mirror, Metaphors



          9-  William Shakespear----My mistress eyes-Shall I Compare thee to a Summers Day




          10-William Blake---The Chimney sweeper


Methods of assessment:


1- Interm 1 –15 marks

2- Interm 2 ( a student will be given a choice for a written research or a presentation of a selected work ) ---20 marks

3- Participation and quizzes—5 marks

4- Final examination----60 marks.


Text book:  (Sound and Sense : an introduction to poetry  by: Laurence Perrine)---
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