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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة


1.  Course title and code:  312

2.  Credit hours: 2hours

3.  Program(s) in which the course is offered.

(If general elective available in many programs indicate this rather than list programs)

B. A. in English

4.  Name of faculty member responsible for the course

Haifa  Al-mofaireeg

5.  Level/year at which this course is offered : 4th level- 2nd year

6.  Pre-requisites for this course (if any)



7.  Co-requisites for this course (if any)


8.  Location if not on main campus

Main campus


B  Objectives 

1.  Summary of the main learning outcomes for students enrolled in the course.

Practice in producing longer and substantial essay of several paragraphs. Attention will be given to the process of developing formal argumentative essays and the short research paper. Emphasis will be given to rules of evidence and the  methods of presenting it to support the points of view used. This should prepare the students to write a term paper of 1250 or more words in which they show the ability to handle the mechanics of research and to synthesize the findings of their readings from secondary sources.

Moreover, grammar should also be emphasized throughout the course. The following points should be especially stressed: tenses, modifiers, rules of  punctuation, relative pronouns, and prepositions. Students should be trained to avoid such pitfalls as dangling modifiers, run-on sentences. incorrect antecedents .. etc.


2.  Briefly describe any plans for developing and improving the course that are being implemented.  (eg increased use of IT or web based reference material,  changes in content as a result of new research in the field)

1.  Increased use of IT or web-based reference material



C.  Course Description  (Note:  General description in the form to be used for the Bulletin or Handbook should be attached)


1 Topics to be Covered



No of




 Revision –Introduction to an essay

                  Thesis statement

                  Developmental paragraphs








Introduce the process analysis essay;

                  Organizing the process analysis essay

                   Introduce a new introductory paragraph( Dramatic)

                   Differentiate between the directional process and the







hours -6


Introduce the Classification essay

                  Learn to organize

                  Be able to use only  one principle of classification

                  Review transitions and conjunctions









Intensive writing on both forms of essay

                Students write in class

                Practice on the essays at home and bring to class to review                                   mistakes on the board





8 hours







Example questions:

1- write a complete essay about different kinds of students ( use a classification and categories for this essay0

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