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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

اسم المقرر             : اكلينيكيه الاستعاضه  المتحركه (٢)

رقم ورمز المقرر     : ٤٢١ ماس

 عدد وحداته الدراسيه: ٣ ساعات

 المتطلبات السابقه    : ٣٢١ ماس


SDS 421 - Clinical Removable Prosthodontics II


            SDS Course 421 is an advanced didactic & clinical removable prosthodontic course taught in the fourth year of Dental College, King Saud University.



              This course is specially designed to provide an opportunity for gaining better & finer knowledge and skill in prosthodontic services in the diagnosis, treatment planning, special treatment procedures and the insertion and post-insertion of partial, complete, immediate and transitional temporary dentures.  Included are relining and rebasing procedures.  This course has a didactic and a clinical component and the course is spread over the entire academic year i.e. 1st & 2nd academic terms.  The didactic (lecture) component is covered in 16 sessions during the 1st half of the academic year.  The lectures cover the theoretical background and the different modalities in prosthodontics.  During the entire academic year there will be a weekly three-hour clinical session, with assistance from the college central dental laboratory.

CREDIT HOURS:   3 Credit Hours

     One (1) credit hour: One (1) Hour lecture weekly for one semester

     Two (2) credit hour: Three (3) Hour Clinical weekly for two semesters 


1.      The fourth year students will be reinforced and enriched in his/her previous experiences with the didactic and clinical disciplines of Removable Prosthodontic Sciences.

2.      The students will be exposed to a finer insight into the examination, diagnosis, treatment planning and technical procedures in the art & science of Prosthodontics, while treating patients.

3.      It is expected that after the completion of the course, the students will be in a better position to render a scientifically acceptable diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment for his/her patients, requiring removable complete, partial, and immediate dentures.  It is also expected that the student will demonstrate proficient skills in his/her clinical treatment with minimum assistance from his/her instructor. 




- McCracken's Removable Partial Prosthodontics

11th ed.

By: Alan B.Carr, Glen P.McGivney & David T.Brown


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