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اسم المقرر : اكلينيكيه الاستعاضه الكامله والجزئيه المتحركه

رقم ورمز المقرر : ٣٢١ ماس

عدد وحداته الدراسيه: ٦ساعات

المتطلبات السابقه : ٢١١ ماس

SDS 321 – Clinical Removable Prosthodonics


This course is a one year course during the Third year of the dental curriculum. It is the

first of three clinical courses in Removable Prosthodontics required for graduation as a dentist.



This course is the first course in Clinical Removable Prosthodontics. It consists of didactic, clinical, and laboratory components. The course is limited to the teaching of conventional complete and Removable Partial Dentures.

The didactic component is delivered in 30 lectures. It covers the theoretical background for different phases of treatment with Removable Partial and Complete Dentures.

Syllabus includes diagnosis, treatment planning, treatment procedures, and followup of the treatment. Lectures focus on the basic concepts, principles, indications, and limitations of these clinical procedures.

The clinical component comprises of 30 sessions held for one academic year (once a week), utilized to practice common clinical procedures for patients examination, motivation, and treatment with complete and removable partial dentures.

During laboratory sessions (held once a week), students are instructed to do all the laboratory work required for RPD and CD fabrication for their clinical cases, with the exception of "framework fabrication", and “processing of acrylic dentures”. These steps will be done by the central laboratory personnel.

COURSE CREDIT: 6 Credit Hours

2 Credit Hours Theoretical = one hour lecture weekly for two semesters

2 Credit Hours Clinical = three hours weekly for two semesters

2 Credit Hours Practical = three hours weekly for two semesters


To familiarize the student with clinical management of edentulous and partially edentulous patients, through teaching basic clinical procedures and their integration with the procedures taught in the preclinical course SDS 211.



Hassaballa M. Clinical Complete Denture Prosthodontics, KSU, Academic Publishing and Press 2004.

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