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Review Questions - (Bacteria):


1.     How long does it take for a bacteria to multiply?


2.     Can anyone tell me what kind of bacteria variovax spp. Is?


3.     Would we all be healthier if, instead of vitamin pills, we all took small doses of dangerous bacteria on a regular basis?


4.     What are different types of household antibacterial products? I.e. Listerine is an antibacterial mouthwash


5.     Are bacteria and viruses closer to animal life or plant life?


6.     Am i ok refilling a plastic water bottle (ie. Evian) and repeat drinking from it?


7.     What is streptoccoccus


8.     Why is society so obsessed with bacteria, are we putting ourselves at risk by being too clean?


9.     Who eats bacteria? 


10.     Why is bbq-ing frozen meats/foods a danger to your health?


11.     Can prescibed medication cause bacteria thru the body?


12.    Which bactgeria reside in our colon?


13.    Which pathogen causes tetanus?


14.  What are the properties of stap aureus?


15.  Which bacteria causes strep throat? 


16.   Which microorganisms cause stomach cancer. Describe their pathogenesis as well.


17. How to determine if bacteria is sensitive to an antibiotic?


18.   How to make a microbiological diagnosis?


19.   What microorganisms are there on the hands?


20.  What is mrsa?



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