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  Department              :           Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Course Number      :           CLS 232

Course Title             :           Clinical Biochemistry ( I )

Credit Hours            :           3 + 1 = 4

Course Description:

This course illustrates structures and functions of bimolecules which includes carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, enzymes and hormones.

 In the practical part of this course, students study the detection and quantitative determination of some of these bimolecules.

 CLS 232:   Lectures Outline 

Weeks                                     Subjects 

1.                                 Acids, bases, pH scale, buffer system

2.                                Chemical bonds

3.                                Amino acids: structure, physical and chemical properties

4.                                Peptide bonds, proteins: types, structure, functions 

5.                                Protein purification

6.                                Nucleotides and nucleic acids                    

7.                                Enzymes

8,9.                             Carbohydrates 

10,11.                         Fatty acids and lipids

12.                              Hormones  

13.                               Vitamins

 CLS 232:   Laboratory Schedule

Weeks                                     Subjects

1.                                 Laboratory Safety  

2.                                 pH meter + colour tests of protein 

3.                                 Colour tests of amino acids

4.                                 Precipitation of proteins, plasma, serum and urine

                                       protein Electrophoresis and TLC       

5.                                 Quantitev determination of protein sample: Biuret Method 

6.                                  General colour tests of carbohydrates

7.                                  Colour tests of pentoses, hexoses

8.                                  Carbohydrate scheme for identification of an unknown, 

9.                                  Determination of Glucose in blood plasma

10.                                Determination of acid value and iodine number of a fat 

11.                                Determination of saponification value of fat

12.                                Determination of blood cholesterol 

13.                                                 Revision

14.                                  FINAL LABORATORY EXAMINATION



First Mid Term Examination:              15       

Second Mid Term Examination:         15

Quizzes:                                              5

Laboratory Reports:                             5

Final Practical Examination:                20

Final Theoretical Examination:           40 


  1. David L. Nelson and Michael M. Cox, Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, W. H. Freeman; 4th edition (April 23, 2004). 
  2. Pamela C. Champe and Richard A. Harvey, Lippincott’s illustrated reviews: Biochemistry, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; 2 Sub edition, 1994.


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