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Department              :           Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Course Number      :           CLS 231
Course Title             :           Clinical Analytical Chemistry
Credit Hours            :           2 + 1 = 3
Course Description:
The course involves a review of fundamental concepts of volumetric analysis as applied to biological fluids. The theoretical and practical aspects of different types of titri-metric analysis including acid-base, complexometric and precipitation titrations are studied.
CLS 231:   Lectures Outline
Weeks                                                Subjects 
1.                                  General introduction
-          The analytical process
-          Review of fundamental concepts
-          Concentration of solutions
2.                                  Expression of analytical results 
-          Principles of volumetric analysis 
-          Volumetric calculations
3,4,5.                           Acid – base Equilibrium 
-          The pH scale
-          Buffers 
-          Buffers of biological and clinical significance
6,7.                              Complexometric titrations 
-          Complex and formation constants 
-          Chelates
-          EDTA
-          Indicators and detection of the end point
 8,9.                             Precipitation titrations 
-          Vohlard method 
-          Mohr method 
-          The adsorption indicator method
10,11.                          Redox titrations 
-          Principles of Electrochemical cells 
-          the Nernst equation 
-          Iodometry   
12.                               Gravimetric analysis 
-          Gravimetric factors 
-          Precipitation and co-precipitation
-          Peptisation
13.                             Introduction to instrumental analysis 
-          Spectrophotometry 
-          Chromatography
CLS 231:   Laboratory Schedule
Weeks                                                Subjects
1.                                  Basic laboratory equipment and procedures
                                     safety rules   
2.                                  Standardization of sodium hydroxide and
                                     hydrochloric acid solutions 
3.                                  Determination of bicarbonate in blood   
4.                                  Mercurimetric determination of blood and urine
5.                                  Determination of blood glucose by a Redox
                                     titration method   
6.                                  Complexometric determination of calcium in milk  
7.                                  Determination of the ionization constant of
                                     a weak acid 
8.                                  Determination of chloride by the Vohlard method
9,10.                            Gravimetric determination of chloride
11.                               Basic principles of visible Spectrophotometry 
12.                               Revision  
13.                               FINAL LABORATORY EXAMINATION
First Mid Term Examination:               15       
Second Mid Term Examination:         15
Laboratory Work and Reports:           15
Final Practical Examination:   15
Final Theoretical Examination:           40
Daniel C. Harris, Quantitative Chemical Analysis, W.H. Freeman & Company; 5th edition (August 1998)
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