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Austrian National Library.jpg
Austrian National Library
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Bedfordshire Libraries.jpg
Bedfordshire Libraries
400 x 30034 KB
Bibliotheca Alexandrina.jpg
Bibliotheca Alexandrina
480 x 33781 KB
Blackpool public library.jpg
Blackpool public library
570 x 549104 KB
Canada's National Library.jpg
Canada's National Library
428 x 32136 KB
Duchess Anna Amalia Library in Weimar.jpg
Duchess Anna Amalia Library in Weimar
346 x 40021 KB
Ephesus Library of Celsus.jpg
Ephesus Library of Celsus
400 x 30037 KB
Harold Washington Library Center.jpg
Harold Washington Library Center
463 x 33364 KB
japan National Library.jpg
japan National Library
960 x 72083 KB
library of congress.jpg
library of congress
606 x 43391 KB
library-congress-reading room.jpg
library-congress-reading room
620 x 465181 KB
National Library of china.bmp
National Library of china
333 x 400391 KB
national library of china.jpg
national library of china
500 x 30061 KB
Norfolk Public Library, 1892.jpg
Norfolk Public Library, 1892
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One of the famous Bodleian.jpg
One of the famous Bodleian
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Oxford library.jpg
Oxford library
203 x 1528 KB
300 x 19124 KB
peckham library.jpg
peckham library
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Rebekah Horton Library.jpg
Rebekah Horton Library
397 x 26278 KB
Royal Danish Library.jpg
Royal Danish Library
300 x 30047 KB
375 x 500126 KB
The British Library at St Pancras.jpg
The British Library at St Pancras
400 x 27439 KB
the British Library building at St Pancras.jpg
the British Library building at St Pancras
400 x 27983 KB
The Library of Choice Reading.jpg
The Library of Choice Reading
795 x 588118 KB
The London Borough of Sutton.jpg
The London Borough of Sutton
324 x 21634 KB
the oldest library of egypt.jpg
the oldest library of egypt
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The Seattle Public Library.jpg
The Seattle Public Library
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