Exploring public knowledge and attitudes towards HIV_AIDS in Saudi Arabia. A survey of primary health care users.pdf
11/1/2007 11:26 AMسعد عبدالله سعد الغانم
Factors Influencing the Utilisation of Public and Private Primary Health Care Services in Riyadh City.pdf
11/1/2007 12:31 PMسعد عبدالله سعد الغانم
Frequent attendance in primary health care centres_ prevalence, patients' characteristics and associated factors.pdf
11/1/2007 7:55 PMسعد عبدالله سعد الغانم
The utilization of hosptial resources_ A survey of some Saudi hospitals in Riyadh City.pdf
11/1/2007 12:55 PMسعد عبدالله سعد الغانم