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My pleasure to be one of the faculty members of Plant Production Department, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I am working in teaching and research. My country is located in arid zones; therefore, I try to do my research in the area of environmental plant stresses such as drought, heat, salinity and plant diseases. All these stresses are the most important factors limiting agricultural development in my country. Therefore, I will try to do my best in dealing with these stresses using different tools and techniques to overcome these stresses or at least to reduce their effects on crop & plant productivity.  However, this work needs much effort, cooperation and financial support to reach its goal

My Research Interest

Crop Physiology:- Plant Water Relations, Plant Environmental Stresses Such as Drought, Heat, Salinity, Nutrient, Light, Diseases, air pollution and other stresses and how plant can resist these stresses and What are the mechanisems of resistance.

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 Research Projects مشاريع بحثية

التثبيت الحيوي للنتيتروجين الجوي في أصناف مختارة من فول الصويا تحت الإجهاد المائي 

1) Biological Nitrogen Fixation of Selected Soybean Varieties under Water Stress  


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