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أسئلة شائعة

 The following is a list of my publications:    الأبحاث المنشورة

Alderfasi, Ali Abdullah. 1986.  Effect of Different Shading Densities on the Growth and Yield of Sugarbeet (Beta Valgaris L.). Thesis of Master Degree in Crop Production. King Saud University, Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

Alderfasi, Ali Abdullah. 1993. Use of Canopy Temperature, Architecture, and Water Relations to Evaluate Productivity in Winter Wheat. Thesis of Doctor of Philosophy in Agronomy. Colorado State University, FortCollins - CO, USA. 

Ghandorah, M.O., M.M El-Rouby, F.A. Al-saad and A.A. Alderfasi. 1988.  Effect of shading densities on the agronomic and physiological characters of two sugarbeet cultivars. J.Agron. & Crop Sci. 161:114-122.

  Ghandorah, M.O., F.A. Al-saad, M.M. El-Rouby, and A.A.Alderfasi. 1988.  Effects of shading densities on root chemical composition of sugarbeet.  J.Agron. & Crop Sci. 161:217-220. 

 Alderfasi, A.A. and J.A. Morgan. 1997.  Canopy temperature, architecture and water relations in wheat. Res. Bull. No. (69):5-43, Agric. Res.Center, King Saud University.

Alderfasi, A.A. and J.A. Morgan. 1998.  Use of canopy temperature as an indicator for water use efficiency and yield productivity in wheat. Saudi J. Bio.Sci. 5(1):57- 71.

(Ali & Morgan)

Al-Yahya, F.A., A.A. Alderfasi, A.S. Al-Hazmi, A.A. Ibrahim and A.T. Abdul-Razig. 1998. Effect of cereal cyst nematode on growth and physiological aspects of wheat under field conditions. Pak.J.Nematol. 16(1):55-62

Ibrahim, A.A., A.S. AL-Hazmi, F.A. AL-Yahya and A.A. Alderfasi. 1999. Damage Potential and reproduction of Heterodera avenae on wheat and barley under Saudi field conditions. Nematology, 1(6):625-630.

  Alderfasi, Ali A., M.O. Ghandorah and Kh.A. Moustafa. (1999). Evaluation of some wheat genotypes under drought stress in arid region of Saudi Arabia. Alex.J.Agric.Res. 44(3):209-217. 

 Alderfasi, Ali Abdullah. (2000).  Response of four genotypes of wheat to irrigation schedules.  Saudi J. Bio.Sci. 7(2):171-178. 

  Saadalla, M.M. and Ali A. Alderfasi. (2000). Infrared-Thermal sensing as screening criterion for drought tolerance in wheat.  Annals Agric.Sci., Ain Shams Univ., Cairo, 45(2):421-437. 

 Alderfasi, Ali A. and D. Nielsen. (2001). Use of crop water stress index for monitoring water status and scheduling irrigation in wheat. Agricultural Water Management, 47(1): 71-77. 

 Alderfasi, Ali Abdullah.  (2001).  Evaluation of certain traits associated with drought resistance in wheat under field conditions. Annals Agric.Sci., Ain Shams Univ., Cairo, 46(1):71-83.

 Alderfasi, Ali Abdullah and Khalid M. (2001). Evaluation of different stress techniques for selection wheat drought tolerance at post-anthesis stage. J. Agric. Sci. Mansoura Univ., Egypt, 26(8):3663-3672.

Alderfasi, Ali A., M.S. AL-Sewailem, F. A. AL-Yahya, K.A.Kamel and Ali Aleter.  (2002).  Effect of irrigation with treated municipal waste water on wheat production under drought stress conditions.  J. King Saud Univ., Agric.Sci., 14(1):57-73. 

  Alderfasi, Ali Abdullah and Yahya Ali Refay (2002) Evaluation of three techniques for characterizing wheat plant water status .  JKAU. Met. Env. & Arid Land Agric. Sci., 13: 43-52.

 Alghamdi, S.S., A.A. Alderfasi and Kh. A. Ali (2003).  Performance of some soybean genotypes under different sowing dates in Saudi Arabia.  J. Agric. Sci. Mansoura Univ., 28(8): 4951- 4959.

 Abdel-Mawgood, Ahmed L. and Ali A. Alderfasi  (2006).  Estimates of genetic variance among S2 progenies derived from four yellow maize populations.  Alex.J.Agric.Res. 51(2): 27-34






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