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Alberta Physiotherapy Association (APA)

Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapy (CAMT)

Canadian Orthopractic Manual Therapy Association (COMTA)

Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA)

College of Physical Therapists of Alberta (CPTA)

College of Physiotherapists of Ontario (CPO)

Ontario Physiotherapy Association

Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia (PABC)

Doctor of Physical Therapy Visionary Foundation

Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy

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CHS 266.docxCHS 266ساره ابراهيم المشرف
Nutrition_in_Adulthood.pdfNutrition_in_Adulthoodساره ابراهيم المشرف
Pregnancy_practical(2.pdfPregnancy_practical(2ساره ابراهيم المشرف
Nutrition_adolscent_lect(6).pdfNutrition_adolscent_lect(6)ساره ابراهيم المشرف
Nutrition_for_Infant,child,adolscentlpra(4).pdfNutrition_for_Infant,child,adolscentlpra(4)ساره ابراهيم المشرف
nutrition for infant.pdfnutrition for infantساره ابراهيم المشرف
lactation_-_practical(3).pdflactation_-_practical(3)ساره ابراهيم المشرف
continue_infancy_2.lect(5).pdfcontinue_infancy_2.lect(5)ساره ابراهيم المشرف
adulthood_lect(7).pdfadulthood_lect(7)ساره ابراهيم المشرف




the exam will be next lect. On the 13 th of januaray 2009.

The material:infancy lect+adolscent+eldely

Time: at 10:00 am

Room: 9

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