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Professor. Sulaiman A. Al-Hudhaif


Dept. of MIS
College of Business Administration

Office: 4674040
PO Box 86924 
Riyadh 11632
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia











A Management Faculty Member/Business Consultant with extensive background in operations management, resources optimizations, information systems analysis and design within the public and private sectors. A Ph. D in business administration coupled with a proven record of accomplishments in operations, restructuring, process reengineering, benchmarking and managerial training.  


Publications in Refereed Academic Journals:
·         Al-Hudhaif, Sulaiman. A., "Telecommuting as an alternative work arrangement for Saudi female graduates"., Journal of King Saud University: Administrative Sciences(2), Volume 13, pp. 17-47, Riyadh. 1421/2001.
·         Al-Hudhaif, Sulaiman. A., "Adopting IS Technologies for Achieving Strategic Competitive Advantages". Journal of the Faculty of Commerce for Scientific Research. No (1). Vol. 45. Jan. 2008 .Alexandria University. Alexandria.
·         Al-Hudhaif, Sulaiman. A., "Process Redesign: Reengineering Core Process at Computer Department - a Case of SWCC". Business Process Management Journal. UK. 2009.
·         Al-Hudhaif, Sulaiman. A., "Managing International Information Systems & Global Information Strategy" Accounting, Management, and Insurance Review. No (10). Faculty of Commerce. Cairo University. Cairo. 2007.
·         Al-Hudhaif, Sulaiman. A., and others, "Information Technology Strategic Planning A Case Study: Ministry of Transport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia".  Journal of King Abdulaziz: Economics and
Administration No (2). Vol. 21. Jan. 2007.
·         Al-Hudhaif, Sulaiman. A., “Measuring Quality of Information Systems Services in Manufacturing Organizations in Riyadh”. Journal of King Abdulaziz: Economics and
Administration No (1). Vol. 24. Jan. 2010.
·         Al-Hudhaif, Sulaiman. A., The Critical Success Factors for Implementation of Customer Relationship Management in the Banking Sector of Saudi Arabia. The Journal of Global Business Management. Volume 7. No. 1. April 2011.
·         Al-Hudhaif, Sulaiman. A. and Abdullah Alkubeyyer., “E-Commerce Adoption Factors in Saudi Arabia”, International Journal of Business and Management. Volume 6. No 9. September.  2011.
·         Al-Hudhaif, Sulaiman. A., "ERP Implementation at King Saud University", Global Journal of Management and Business Research Volume 12 Issue 5 Version 1.0 March 2012.
·         Al-Hudhaif, Sulaiman. A., "Assessing the Role of MIS on Improving Customer Services at Medical Supply Companies in Saudi Arabia ", Journal of Economic & Administrative Sciences (in Arabic) Volume 27 Issue 1 2011.
·         Al-Hudhaif, Sulaiman. A., "Success Factors for Implementing SCM and their Relations to Customer Satisfaction in Saudi Government organizations", Jordan Journal of Business Administration (in Arabic). Volume 8 Issue 1. 2012.
 ·         Al-Hudhaif, Sulaiman. A., "The role of Implementing Digital Firm on Improving Management Efficiency in Small Businesses: An Empirical Study on private Clinic in Riyadh", Journal of AI-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University: Humanities and Social Sciences. (in Arabic) No. 29. Shawal 1434                                                                                                            
·         Al-Hudhaif, Sulaiman. A., "Investigating Customers’ Acceptance of Online Banking Based on Technology Acceptance Model: An Empirical Study in the Saudi Banking Market". Journal of King Saud University: Administrative Sciences (2), Volume 25, 1435/2014.
·         Al-Hudhaif, Sulaiman. A. and Nisar Ahamad. Nalband,, “Impact of Information Technology on Employment of Women in Saudi Arabia” Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology. June 2012. Volume 40. No. 2.
·         Al-Hudhaif, Sulaiman. A. and Saleh Alqahtani,, “Exploring Study for Using Marketing Information Systems in the Top 100 Saudi Companies” 2014. Working paper.
·         Al-Hudhaif, Sulaiman. A. and Emad Abduljaleel, “Designing and Developing an Expert System for Pricing Risk of Civil Liability for Vehicles in Saudi Arabia" 2014. Working paper.
Funded Research Projects:
·         Al-Hudhaif, Sulaiman A. “Developing The Cooperative Medical Insurance System In Saudi Arabia., Funded by King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology (KACST), Saudi Arabia, HGP. 11-2. Role: Principal Investigator, April 2011- September 2013, Budget SR 501,000. The project is completed.
·         Al-Hudhaif, Sulaiman A. “Manpower Development in the Government Sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a Changing Environment., Funded by King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology (KACST), Saudi Arabia, HGP. 32-6. Role: Principal Investigator, June 2013- Present, Budget SR 466,000. The project is underway.
·         Al-Hudhaif, Sulaiman A. “Positive and Negative Factors Affecting the Employees' Performance in The Civil Service, kingdom of Saudi Arabia., Funded by King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology (KACST), Saudi Arabia, HGP. 32-7. Role: Co PI, Sept 2013- Present, Budget SR 435,000. The project is underway.


Conferences Presentations:
·         Al-Hudhaif, Sulaiman. A. and Sandy StaplesWhat do Decision Makers Think of VIM? Results from a Survey of Decision Makers Who Have Used a Visual Interactive Model for Decision Making," presented in Canadian Operational Research Society (CORS 1993) conference, Halifax, Canada. 25-27 May 1993.
·         Al-Hudhaif, Sulaiman. A. “A Visual Interactive GP-Based DSS: An Empirical Assessment,” presented in the Canadian Operational Research Society (CORS 1997) conference, Ottawa, Canada, 26-28 May, 1997.
·         Al-Hudhaif, Sulaiman. A. “A Visual Interactive GP-Based DSS: An Empirical Assessment,” presented in INFORMS Dallas Fall 1997. Dallas, TX, U.S.A, 26-29 October 1997.
·         Al-Hudhaif, Sulaiman. A., “Automobile Insurance Knowledge Mining” Proceeding of The 2009 International Conference on Data Mining. WORLDCOMP'09. July13-16, 2009. Las Vegas, NV. USA.
·         Al-Hudhaif, Sulaiman. A. and  Ayedh A. Alaltoom, “Reassessing Telecommunication Customer Relationship Management Processes: A Customer Prospective”. Proceeding of the WASET 2012 International Conference. Paris, France. June 27-28. 2012.
·         Al-Hudhaif, Sulaiman. A. and Saleh Alqahtani,,Customers’ Acceptance of Online Shopping in Saudi Arabia” Proceeding of the Academic and Business Research Institute Conference: San Antonio, TX. USA. 27-29-March.2014.


























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