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English 121 Najim
English 122 Najim
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English 122 Najim



Course Description

Contact Hours:  3

Credit Hours:     3



Course 122 Sources (Reading / Vocabulary)

*Facts and figures (2nd   Edition) by Patrica Ackert.

*Heinle & Heinle units 1&3.

*Start English for Science G.D. Nogas & A.F. Bolitho Longman Units 4-7 

*Time & Space in A Basic Reader ( 2nd Edition ) by Michael Connelly & Jean
  Sims, Prentice Hall Regents,  Chapters 12&13


*Basic English Grammar (2nd Edition) Betty Azar Prentice Hall Regents

 122 Reading Course Objectives

 The aim of this course is to teach reading comprehension skills,identify the main ideas, and use the context to understand scientific vocabulary.

 The units of the book are divided into the following:

 Reading Passage – Each passage has a scientific theme such as animals, plants, the universe and environment.

 Vocabulary – About ten new words are introduced in each lesson. All of the words are used at least five times in the lesson and repeated several more times in later lessons.

There is also a context clue exercise at the end of each unit that teaches several different sentences, and students learn them without tedious memorization as they are able to see how they are used in various contexts. The vocabulary section is relevant to students' study of science courses.

Exercise – There are a number of different exercises to work through . These exercises include the vocabulary review or matching synonyms and antonyms. Comprehension questions are taken directly from the text. There are also inference type question as well as true / false / no information questions multiple choice. Student must also choose the main idea of the text from three possibilities.

 Word study – There is a word study section at the end of each unit. This section reinforces structural points such as verb forms, pronouns and adjectives that students learn from their grammar classes. This section also contains some spelling rules of the noun plurals and the verb endings.

 Class Discussion – There is ample material for class discussions as well as verifying reading comprehension passages.

 Grammar – Basic tense structures and prepositions are also studied.




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