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It is a descriptive, analytic and evaluative study of objective tests commonly used in testing in programs and series of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers.

The researcher was fully aware that there are some kinds of problems that may accompany the design and construction of these tests when measuring either components or skills of the Language. The researcher tries to trace the reasons behind these problems in considerable samples that he believes they represent the larger population.

The researcher collected his data directly from the field through two means: the questionnaire and documentary analysis cards. He collected the data from four leading institutions and six series.

After sorting and analyzing the data, the researcher came to some conclusions and the most significant ones are: Objective tests are used in abundant in these programs, and the most kinds used are the multiple choice items. Test designers do not abide by the criterions set for these tests. These tests mostly measure lower cognitive standards. The researcher found that this may be due to the inexperience of test designers, but some may be attributed to the nature of these tests themselves.

In the light of his conclusions, the researcher presented some recommendations and suggestions that may help avoid the shortages that accompany these tests, among which is to give the teachers of the programs the opportunity to participate in all phases of developing the tests and not to depend totally on objective testing, and resort to some other new approaches in measurement and evaluation such as alternative assessment. Workshops may be a good idea to train teachers how to design their tests. According to the set criterions.




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