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Name:          Mohammad Abdulkhaliq Mohammad Fadul

D.O.B:         1956


Address:      P.O. Box 4274, Riyadh 11491, KSA

E-mail:         mohamedabdulkhaliq@yahoo.com



1.                 Ph.D. in Curriculum & Methodology – Measurement and Evaluation 2007, Khartoum, Sudan.

2.                 M.A. Teaching of Arabic to Non-Native Speakers, 1977, Khartoum, Sudan

3.                 B.Ed. (Honours), 1975, Khartoum University, Sudan.




1.                 Academic Faculty Member in Language and Culture Dept.

2.                 Teaching English, Teachers College, Sudan

3.                 Teaching English, College of Applied Studies, King Saud University, Riyadh, KSA.

4.                 Teaching Language Testing, Arabic Language Institute, Post Graduate Diploma Courses.

5.                 An expert mandated from ALESCO to the Ministry of Education and Planning in Mauritius to plan for Arabic Language in government schools.

6.                 Headed the first forum for Arabic Language in the state of Mauritius.

7.                 Constructed and designed the Standardized Proficiency Languages Tests, King Saud University.

8.                 Prepared and Participated in the "Arabic by Radio" Program for Radio Riyadh.

9.                 Participated in the "Global Arabic Encyclopedia" as an Encyclopedist,  editor and a translator to the World Book Encyclopedia.

10.             Assigned by King Saud University Academic Board to revise and edit more than 30 books.




1.                 “Language Testing”, Textbook for Post Graduates and Teacher Training Courses, 1996.

2.                 “Arabic at your Hands”, (Al-Arabiyya Bayn-Yadayk), A series of seven text books, 2004.

3.                 “Learn Arabic” (Ta-Allam Al-Arabiyya), A series of six text books, 2007.

4.                 “Learners Arabic Dictionary”, 2004

5.         The Standerdised Profeciency Test.




1.                 " Objective Tests in Arabic Language Programs", Unpublished Dissertation.

2.                 “Arabic Versus English Sounds”, A Contrastive Study, Unpublished MA Thesis.

3.                 “Supra-Segmentals in the Arabic Sound System.




Conducted the following crash courses:

1.                 Juba University, Khartoum, Sudan, 1977,a crash course in Arabic.

2.                 City University, London, United Kingdom, 1982,a crash course in Arabic.

3.                 Durban, South Africa, 1984.Teacher Training course.

4.                 Cairo, Egypt, 2004 – 2005.Teacher Training course.

5.                 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2004.Teacher Training course.

6.                 Birmingham University, Birmingham, U.K., 2004.Teacher Training course.

7.                 Lougha District, Senegal, 2005.Teacher Training course.

8.                 Namboola, Mozambique, 2006.Teacher Training course.

9.                 Port Louis, Mauritius, 2006.Teacher Training course.

10.             Bauchi, Nigeria, 2007.Teacher Training course.




1.                 Teaching Arabic to non-native speakers.

2.                 Teaching English as a second or foreign language.

3.                 Measurement and Evaluation.

4.                 Testing and Developing Standardized Tests.

5.                 Applied Linguistics.

6.                 Language Curriculum Planning.

 7        Language Testing.





1.                 Head of the Exams Committee.

2.                 Head of Placement Testing Committee.

3.                 Member of Curricula and Planning Committee.

4.                 Member of Board of Teachers (Language & Culture Department).

5.                 Head of the International Symposium Certification Committee, held in Riyadh, 2007.

6.                 Member of Staff Performance Evaluation Board.

7.                 Member of the Editing Committee of the Global Arabic Encyclopedia. 



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