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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

Multiple Choice Questions:

1.   Choose the WRONG statement about epithelium.

a. Simple squamous epithelium is found in blood capillaries.

b.Stratified cuboidal epithelium is seen in ducts of glands.

c. Goblet cells can be seen in columnar epithelium.

d.Simple columnar epithelium is seen in intestines.

e. Epithelium is vascular tissue.


2.   Plasma cells:

a. Are derived from monocytes.

b.Release heparin.

c. Release antibodies.

d.Release histamine.

e. Synthesize collagen


3.   Choose the WRONG statement about compact bone:

a. It can grow by appositional growth.

b.Osteocytes cannot divide

c. Matrix has no collagen

d.It contains osteons.

e. It has Volkmann's canals


4.   Choose the WRONG statement about cardiac muscle cells.

a. Have branches

b.Have central nuclei

c. Are multinucleated.

d.Have cross striations.

e. Have sarcomeres


5.   Choose the WRONG statement about lymph node.

a. It filters blood

b.It has lymphoid nodules

c. It has lymphatic sinuses

d.It has cortex and medulla

e. The para-cortex is rich in T-lymphocytes

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