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                                     CURRICULUM VITAE

Name: Dr.Mohamed Ahmed Abdalla

Associate Professor of Histology

PhD University of Liverpool UK

MSC University of Khartoum Sudan

Member of the Anatomical Society of

Great Britain & Ireland



Assistant Professor University of Khartoum Sudan

Assistant Professor University of Liverpool UK

Associate Professor University of Khartoum Sudan


Associate Professor of Histology

Department of Anatomy

College of Medicine

King Saud University


 Morphometry (Quantitative Analysis) of normal, pathological & experimental tissues at all levels of study: Gross, Light microscopic & Electron microscopic levels


1.     Undergraduates

        Teaching Histology Courses (Lectures & Practicals) as follows:-

         Medical Students (Course 120)

         Dental Students (Course 112)

         Pharmacy Students (Course 281)

2.     Postgraduates  

    Teaching Histology Courses to postgraduate students as follows:-

        PhD students (Course 621)

        MSC students (Course 522)

        Dental Postgraduates (Course Dens 514)

        Saudi Board in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery




I. PUBLICATIONS                                                                                     

1.     Abdalla, M.A. et al (1966).Nephrotoxicity of low-dose methotrexate in Guinea pigs: An

ultrastructural study. Nephron73:462-466.

2. Taha, A.M., Abdalla, M.A. et al (1994). The poll glands of the Dromedary (camelus

  dromedarius): Ultrastructural Characteristics Anat. Histol. Embryol.23:269-274

3.Abdalla, M.A. et al (1990).Light and electron microscopic observations on the cerebellum


of Guinea pigs following low-dose  methotrexate.Experimental and Molecular Pathology


4. Abdalla, M.A. (1989). The blood supply to the lung. In: "Form and Function" 


 Ch.6 Ed. A.S. King and J Mclleland. Academic Press. Pp. 28-306.


5.Abdalla, M.A. and Ali, A.M. (1989). Morphometric and histological studies on the adrenal

 glands of the camel. Carmelus dromedarius Acta Morphologica Neerlando-Scandinavica.


6. Taha, A.M. and Abdalla, M.A. (1988).Ultrastructural morphometric observations on the

  extramural aorticopulmonary bodies of the domestic fowl. Journal of Anatomy157:


7. Abusamra, M.T., Sanousi, S.M. and Abdalla, M.A. (1988). Studies on ganagrenous

   mastitis in goats. Cornell Vet.78:281-300.

8. Abdalla, M.A. Maina, J.N., King, A.S., King, DZ., and Herny, J. (1982). Morphometrics

 of the avian lung. I.The domestic fowl  Respiration  Physiology 47:267-278.

9. Maina, J.N., Abdalla, M.A. and King, A.S. (1982). Light microscopic morphometry of the

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  Embryonic". Edited by J. Piiper. Pp. 112-124, Springer-Verlag.

13. Abdalla, M.A. and King, A.S. (1977). The avian bronchial arteries: species variations.

  Journal of Anatomy123:697-704.

14. Abdalla, M.A. (1977).Morphometry of the avian lung.Journal of Anatomy123: 262

15. Abdalla, M.A. and King, A.S. (1976). Pulmonary arteriovenous anastomoses in the

 avian lung: Do they exist? Respiration Physiology27:178-191.

16. Abdalla, M.A. and King, A.S. (1976). The functional anatomy of the bronchial

 circulation of the domestic fowl. Journal of Anatomy121:537-550.

17. Abdalla, M.A. (1976).On the bronchial vessels of birds. Journal of Anatomy122:725.

18. Abdalla, M.A. and King, A.S. (1976). The functional anatomy of the pulmonary

  circulation of the domestic fowl. Respiration physiology23:267-290.

19. Abdalla, M.A. (1975).The avian bronchial and pleural blood supply. Journal of


20. Abdalla, M.A. (1975). The parabronchial blood supply. Journal of Anatomy119:411.



A. The Anatomical Society of Great Britain & Ireland

I presented the following papers at conferences of the Anatomical Society of Great Britain & Ireland held in various universities as follows:-

    Paper # 10: University of Sheffield, UK 1981

    Paper # 14: University of St. Andrews, Scotland 1976

    Paper # 17: Cambridge University, UK 1976s

    Paper # 19: University of Birmingham, 1975

    Paper # 20: University of London Charing Cross Hospital Medical School, 1974

B. The International Congress of Physiological Sciences (ICPS)

    Paper # 12 was presented at the International Congress of Physiological Sciences held in Max Plank Institute for Experimental Medicine, Gottengen, West Germany (1977).










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