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EE507 – VLSI Design

Instructor: Prof. Shuja Ahmad Abbasi

Office: Room 2C94, Tel # 467-6729

Text Book:  Application-Specific Integrated Circuits. Addison Wesley Longman, 1997

                      Author: M. J. S. Smith, Horace G. Jackson.

Grading Policy: Grades will be distributed as follows;

Two in-term exams (20% each)                                    40%

• Quizes/Class/Home work                                              10%

Term Paper                                                                    10%

Final Exam (covers the entire course content)              40%


Total Grade                                                                     100%

A student will not be given a make-up exam unless he presents an official excuse.


A student with an absence of 25% or greater by the last day of classes will not be allowed to attend the final exam. Tutorials will be included in the absence rate.

Course Content:

Ø  Basic concepts of Low level and High level designs

Ø  Application specified Integrated Circuits (ASIC)

Ø  Design methods

Ø  CAD Tools

Ø  Case Study

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