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Course Name:            Solid Dosage Forms.

Course Code:             PHT 261          

Credit Hours:                      2+1

Pre-requisites:                     PHT 251,  PHYS 106

Course description:

Principles and techniques involved in the formulation, preparation and evaluation of solid dosage forms. Physical properties and flow characteristics of powders, preparation of bulk and divided powders, and methods of tablet and capsules manufacturing, as well as rectal drug absorption, formulation and evaluation of suppositories are presented.

Recommended Books:

Theory and Practice of Industrial Pharmacy.

Laboratory outline:

Lab 1.        Preparation of bulk and divided powders.

                  Flow properties of some pharmaceutical powders.

Lab 2.         Determination of particle size of some powders.

Determination of size distribution with different methods of data presentation, e.g., histograms, size frequency curve and cumulative curves.

Lab 3.         Particle size analysis using projection microscope for an o/w emulsion.

Lab 4.         Preparation of Effervescent granules by wet granulation method.

Lab 5.         Preparation of aspirin tablets by: direct compression method and dry granulation method.

Lab 6.         Preparation of chewable antacid tablets by wet granulation method.

                   Unofficial standards in tablet evaluation (friability & hardness).

Lab 7.         Official standards in tablet evaluation (weight variation test & uniformity of content of the prepared aspirin tablets).

Lab 8.         Official standards in tablet evaluation (disintegration & dissolution tests for uncoated tablets).

Lab 9.         Extemporaneous methods of preparation of capsule dosage forms of some drugs.

Lab 10.       Fatty suppository bases:

                  Calibration of moulds.

                  Determination of displacement values of some drugs.

                  Preparation of prescription.

Lab 11.       Preparation of water soluble suppository bases (glycerogelatin base).

                  Preparation of iodine pessaries.

Lab 12.       Preparation of suppositories using PEG bases.

                  Preparation of glycerin soap suppositories.

Lab 13.       Review.

Lab 14.       Exam
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