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A study of red meat trends of consumption at Riyadh city


N .A . AL – Badr , Z . A . Bakeet , S . A . AL – Masri

College  of  Food Science and agriculture ,King Saud University , Riyadh , Saudi Arabic


Red meat is one of important sources of animal protein which is essential for body building and maintenance in addition to its jucieness.

Animal protein is also essential because it is a constituent of hormones and hemoglobin for this and other nutritional importance for red meat, the objective of this study to evaluate trends of red meat consumption by Saudi families at Riyadh city and to study socioeconomical factors that affect.

Results revealed that the preferable red meats are lamb (78.3%) and the preferable breed is Naiemi (77%). Almost most families buy fresh meat (78.4%) and the preferable cuts are the back cuts (40.3%) and grilling is the method of preparation practiced by (60%) of the families.

Results also revealed that the percapita consumption is (46gm) while Saudi balance sheets reported (10.8 kg/year).

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